12 Years of I Heart Noise // July Archives (Vol. 1)
12 Years of I Heart Noise // July Archives (Vol. 1)

12 Years of I Heart Noise // July Archives (Vol. 1)

I Heart Noise is 12 Guest Mixes Videos Reviews from Archives 3

Hard to believe sometimes, but I Heart Noise is now 12 years old! It was on February 8, 2008 that we published our first post and who would’ve thought that we’ll make it through MySpace era and Vine era and…


Time to ask…what was happening in July on IHN back in the day? Lets take a look (we also provided links to an archive for each year in case anyone feels like taking a deep dive).

And don’t forget – we also archives of guest mixes (vol. 1 here and vol. 2 here) + music from all over the US aka Post-Independence Marathon (vol. 1 here and vol. 2 here).


We profiled the following Amphetamine Reptile bands

Boss Hog / Bushpig / Calvin Krime / Casus Belli / Chokebore / Cosmic Psychos / Cows / Crows / Feedtime / Freedom Fighters / Gaunt

Some of the things that came out on Amphetamine Reptile in 2019/2020…

Melvins / Mudhoney – White Lazy Boy

Well, well. It looks like we’ve got some new material here that we’re pretty excited about. (The) Melvins have a new 4-track album & what’s this, Mudhoney is joining them too? Once you get’cher mitts on White Lazy Boy, fire up that CD player & let the hootenanny commence!

Seawhores – The Last Temptation of Supper

First release of new material for the new decade with a the latest from the Seawhores with their new 12″, The Last Temptation of Supper.

The” Big White Trash Can Commie Troll Fake Jesus in his Multi-Colored Labia Robe” folded sleeve is designed by HAZE XXL & is printed by Boxy Mouse.

King Buzzo – Six Pack

(Melvins frontman) King Buzzo is back with his first solo album release on AmRep since 2014’s This Machine Kills Artists 10″. His latest is Six Pack & is joined by Trevor Dunn of Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/Tomahawk/Melvins Lite.

If you guessed the title of the album would be a clue to how many tracks there were, you nailed & they are…

Melvins + ShitKid ‎– Bangers

Next in line of new material for 2019, is (the) Melvins & ShitKid’s Bangers album.
4 tracks on this 10″ EP-length album with both bands on all of ’em.
Each cover is a 4-ink silkscreen on brown chipboard sleeve on the front cover art by HAZE XXL (& the back is 3-color.)


Some of the bands we discussed

Psychic Ills / The Grizzly Owls (see Fawns of Love) / HellaSubarachnoid Space / Laughing Hyenas / Oneida / Beequeen / Wolf Eyes / Bohren & Der Club of Gore

Some of the records/releases that came out  in July 2009

Jackie O Motherfucker – Ballads of the Revolution (Fire Records)

Superchunk – Crossed Wires / Blinders (Merge Records)

Merzbow – 13 Japanese Birds, Vol. 7 (Important Records)

Nebula – Heavy Psych (Tee Pee Records)

Zs – Music Of The Modern White (Social Registry)

Reading / Interviews

Zach Hill (Hella / Death Grips / Goon Moon etc – h/t Sargent House)

Dark Metal // Old School Drum’n’Bass Mix by Greg Fox (Zs / Ex Eye etc)

Interview with Kid Millions (Oneida) + Oneida favorites picked by our readers

 New / Recent Releases

Hepa.Titus – Night Goat / Bobwire (Rock is Hell Records)

Hepa.Titus is Kevin Rutmanis from Cows + Paul Christensen (Qui) and Sterling Riley (Orphan Goggles). Night Goat is a Melvins cover and Bobwire is a new song/original.

See also – Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends Tour Playlisting

Psychic Ills – Never Learn Not to Love / Cease to Exist (Sacred Bones)

Over the tenure of this blog Psychic Ills seem like such a load-bearing staple that its hard to believe that songwriter Tres Warren has passed. While its bittersweet to know that there was yet another album in the making that may never reach our ears, this double sided ode to the relationship between Dennis Wilson and Charles Manson is a lovely curio of remembrance. – Raven Sings the Blues

Lou Barlow / Oneida / Bobby Matador / The Low Anthem – Rarities Vol. 3 (Joyful Noise Recordings)

JNR Rarities began in 2019 as a VIP Exclusive 7″ series which shines a light on our favorite unheard gems from our artists’ histories. Each 7″ features four different artists. Released as a one-time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl with the traditional large hole, and packaged in a custom die-cut jacket.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue (Ipecac Recordings / PIAS)

Companionship in solitude, nobody pulling on yer sleeve and making noisy chit chat, it’s all existential brooding on life’s mystery in here. If you’re coming to it cold then what Patchouli Blue most sounds like is Angelo Badalamenti’s dark jazz mood music for Twin Peaks. Only slowed down and left to wander the woods. It’s what’s playing on the jukebox in Audrey Horne’s coma. – Echoes & Dust

Wolf Eyes – Volume Three: Dance of the Weeping Babe (Lower Floor)

On Volume Three: Dance Of The Weeping Babe, Nate Young strips out pretty much everything bar the rhythm and the noise. This is a collection of slow, unsettling beat tracks, the roots of which lie in minimal wave, industrial music and the ‘freakbeat’ sound currently being pioneered by Black Dice’s Eric Copeland. The loping tempo of Dance Of The Weeping Babe, and the fact that the numbers here do not vary much, means that Dance Of The Weeping Babe sounds like it’s been conceived to soundtrack someone wading through a tar pit.

Fawns Of Love ‎– Someday (Robin Guthrie Version) (Kingfisher Bluez)

If the original version of “Someday” leaned new wave, then the latest version has plunged headfirst into coldwave. There is no trace of the original’s drum machine, where Guthrie has instead opted for broad strokes of murky synth melodies. However you want to categorize the individual iterations, Fawns of Love as a whole have claimed a significant portion of the post-punk. Permanent spills over with movements on their prized Moog, and “Never Sing for Joy,” the b-side to the new single, further tightens their grip on the genre, right down to its nihilist message. – Grimy Goods

Trance – Fatal Blow / Abyss / The Beaten Track / Purity (Self Released)

A string of reissues from ex-Subarachnoid Space guitarist / founder of Charnel House label Mason Jones.

Okay, starting a reissue campaign that will take a while. My first cassette under the name Trance, from 1988, remastered (somewhat) and on Bandcamp now. Enjoy the proto-industrial-rock soundz (or don’t, that’s fine too)

Laughing Hyenas – Crawl / Hard Times (Third Man Records / Touch & Go)

In partnership with Touch and Go Records, Third Man Records is re-issuing the full discography of punishing Michigan hardcore punk blues band Laughing Hyenas for the first time in over 25 years.

With their roots firmly planted in Detroit’s Cass Corridor punk rock and hardcore scene of the early 80s, John Brannon (Negative Approach) and Larissa Strickland (L-Seven), along with the locked-in rhythm section of Kevin Strickland and Jim Kimball, the Laughing Hyenas took it to a completely different plane. Taking pointers from The Birthday Party and Funhouse-era Stooges as well as early blues and jazz artists, the Laughing Hyenas were a fierce, sulfuric blast of noise.

Gareth Davis & Merzbow – Broken Landscapes (Moving Furniture Records)

Following on from their 2016 Moving Furniture release, Atsusaku, Broken Landscapes is a new collaboration between Gareth Davis (Oiseaux Tempete, Scanner, Elliott Sharp, Machinefabriek) and Merzbow, Japanese noise mastermind Masami Akita.

Nebula – Holy Shit (Heavy Psych Records)

22 years after their first release and 10 years after their last album, Nebula are back. And you’re thinking “Holy shit!” right now, you pretty much nailed it.

Holy Shit is Nebula’s first LP since 2009’s Heavy Psych, and it quickly puts to rest the question that’s loomed since guitarist/vocalist Eddie Glass, bassist Tom Davies and drummer Michael Amster announced the band’s reformation in 2017. Nebula are still Nebula.

Zs – Noth (Social Noise)

Noth was recorded live at Cafe Oto in London in April 2017 and, in their usual maximalist (un)convention, features Sam Hillmer on tenor sax, Patrick Higgins on guitar and electronics, Greg Fox on drums and electronics, and Michael Beharie on electronics. Frenetic, impassioned, intentional and above-all connective improv explorations intended to cause neuron rapid-fire and unpreventable hair-raising.

Jackie O Motherfucker – Bloom (Textile Records / Futurological Records)

Bloom is the band 11th studio record, 7 years after their highly acclaimed “ballad of the revolution” album and is the culmination of 20 years spent defining their unique take on american music.

Bloom is a patiently crafted record that tells its story through shifting emotional and sonic environments, starting in a vacant lot in far west Oakland, where the freeway meets the edge of the city. The lot was a storage area for the 50 ft. long and 8 ft. high steel pipes that would become the footings for the new Bay Bridge, sunken into the floor of the San Francisco Bay.


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