Interview With Zach Hill
Interview With Zach Hill

Interview With Zach Hill

Zach Hill

Your upcoming album is called “Face Tat” – what’s in a name? 

the title is loosely based on the idea of individual platforms. how we all find them and use them differently . i think  a facial tattoo is a very extreme way to use your own body as a platform. committing to a projection to that degree is something that i find interesting and metaphorical on many levels .

Talking about a cover – who is that lady and how did she get there?

her name is liz liles , shes also in the video for the song “sacto smile ” . the album cover is actually a screen shot taken from the video. the cover of my last album “astrological straits” was also a screen shot taken from the video “hindsight is nowhere” . its a kind of a conceptual  theme im running with . liz  also plays drums in an  excellent sacramento band called G.GREEN .

You have an astonishing number of projects going on (Hella and Bygones, to name just few).
Is it difficult for you to manage so many things at one time or is do you find it interesting/fun to take on a challenge like this?

yes , its definitely challenging but also an absolute blessing. ive been very lucky to have shared so many experiences with all different types of artists and to have been in so many musical scenarios and tours. the educational  value  of all my exchanges alone is incomparable to anything i’d learn or create just doing the same thing over and over. i want to be moving forward and thinking forward with an open mind toward everything, always . i’ve never been interested in boxing myself into one particular genre or outfit or click .  thats always seemed like a really poisonous path to take for myself and in many ways a dishonest one.

Face Tat is going to be released via Sargent House. What do you think about SH and do you have any personal favorites among artists signed to the label?

sargent house is really great , cathy and everyone at the label are amazing, theres a very progressive thought process going on over there , with a diy attitude as the core .  the way they run there label is just legit and the way they have things set up  really caters to the artist .

Thank you: Dave Clifford (US/THEM Group)

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