Listen: Dark Metal // Old School Drum’n’Bass Mix by Greg Fox
Listen: Dark Metal // Old School Drum’n’Bass Mix by Greg Fox

Listen: Dark Metal // Old School Drum’n’Bass Mix by Greg Fox

In the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, Greg Fox peers through his sunglasses across the East River and up at the skyscrapers of lower Manhattan. Enormous heavy construction equipment clutters the immediate foreground as the gleaming Freedom Tower pierces the azure sky. Viewing “the bottom of the city like this,” Fox says, “affords me an unusual vantage point.”
Seeing life from different perspectives has become something of a preoccupation for Fox. At thirty-two, the adventurous drummer simultaneously juggles numerous diverse projects, unafraid to turn his musical and personal worlds upside down.
Fox has performed and recorded with a wide range of artists, from the Brooklyn-based esoteric black metal band Liturgy to the experimental/multi-genre act Guardian Alien. He’s crisscrossed the globe as a touring musician and solo artist, and, proving he’s not allergic to a structured work environment, even holds the title of director of music development at Pioneer Works, sculptor/painter Dustin Yellin’s nonprofit art space in Red Hook.
Modern Drummer

We got a very special guest mix from a very special artist to share with you tonight! Greg Fox is a drummer extraordinaire based from Queens, NYC who played with Zs, Liturgy and Uniform (among many others).
Mix he made, however, have little to do with post rock, ambience or drone (or metal, in spite of the title). Instead, its a journey through classic/old-school drum’n’bass – think Goldie, Source Direct and LTJ Bukem! As metal as it gets (as long by metal you mean Metalheadz).

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