Recap: Video Premieres – July 2020
Recap: Video Premieres – July 2020

Recap: Video Premieres – July 2020

Its been a ridiculous busy time for us in terms of video premieres lately. There’s a whole bunch of premieres that happened during our recent IHN Fest,  so we thought it would be nice to look back at those (and go over upcoming releases while we’re at it) 

Mzungu – November

Created by Sam Wood

A dark tale of…milk and olive spills? A soundtrack to FPS a-la Half-Life? You decide. 

Taken from: With Seasonal Affect (July 17 via Wormhole World


Sawak – Get Out of the House

Created by Greg Nieuws

Another dark tale…this time its about a relationship gone wrong. Scratch that – “wrong” is an understatement, “rotten” is more like it. The entire backstory behind both the song and the upcoming Sawak album is documented in this thread

Taken from: The Girl Behind the Forest (July 17 / Self Released) – mastered by Alan Morse Davies / guest appearance by Tom Carter (Hobo Codes

Solilians – Gowron Breaths

Created by Paul Doliner

Holy psychedelic cosmic kittehs! This is some trippy goodness. – PSR B1257+12

That’s right – the latest video from our favorite Jewish space-rock/drone merchants got it all. You probably saw plenty of cat videos and you saw plenty of psychedelic and trippy videos, but rarely does anyone combines the two in a way that is as captivating as it is in this here video. 

The song itself comes from a recent vinyl split between Skyjelly and Solilians that we put out. Vocals on the song come courtesy of Neptune Sweet / Electric Djinn and should be enough to send 4AD/Liz Fraser/Cocteau fans into frenzy. 

Wolfbear/Skyjelly – At All

James Britt – Quarantseen

Last, but not least…two more videos included in 7/1 stream and thought would be worthy of highlighting. 

One is a collaboration between Rick Skyjelly Jones and Wolfbear brothers (Bob and Dave) with video by Matts Rad Show. The other one is a quarantine/video experiment created by James Britt, aka Neurogami, purveyor of dance noise from Arizona. Quarantseen is also available as digital/”pay what you want” via Bandcamp. 

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