A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Crows
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Crows

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Crows

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After Seattle band U-Men broke up in the late 80s, its members went on to form a number of different bands – Tom Price formed Gas Huffer and Kings of Rock, while John Bigley and Charlie Ryan formed Crows togehter with Garth Brandenburg and Greg Stumph.

Their first release was 1991 single Crowbar, followed by contributions to “Ugly American Overkill” and “Dope, Guns and F#$%ing In the Streets” compilations. They also released self-titled full-length in 1994, but it recieved little attention and the band broke up soon after.

John Bigley went on to open few Seattle bars, while Charlie Ryan and Greg Stumph formed Bottle Of Smoke along with David Duet from Cat Butt. Charlie Ryan left the band and formed short-lived Right On. Garth Branderburg went on to play with Nitecaps and Lushy.

Associated Bands – U-Men, Cat Butt, Bottle Of Smoke, Right On
Crow Bar 7″ (1991)
The Crows (1994)
Compilation Tracks:
Capitol Hillbillies” on Dope, Guns ‘N F—ing In The Streets Volume 4-7 (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
Go Look In The Crisper” on Ugly American Overkill (Amphetamine Reptile Europe, 1991) / Dope, Guns & F—ing Up Your Video Deck Volume 2 (Amphetamine Reptile / Atavistic, 1992)
Note – Not to confuse with the Cows, as those two are entirely different animals (musically, that is)

Go Look In The Crisper

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