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Australian band which was formed in 1979. They recorded four albums in the 80s (one of which was produced by Butch Wig) and 1996 reunion album “Billy” which was released by AmRep.
Associated Bands – Three Toed Sloth
Feedtime LP (Megadisc, 1985)
Fractured 7″ (1986)
Shovel LP (1986)
Don’t Tell Me / Small Talk 7″ (Aberrant, 1986)
Split 7″ With King Snake Roost (1988)
Cooper S (1988)
Suction (1989)
Suction / Cooper-S reissue (1989)
Suction / Feedtime reissue (1989)
1996 Australian Tour Split With Unsane 7″ (1996)
Billy (1996)
[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5WFny1AwsI] Live (1989)

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