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Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise

All episodes of our radio show – broadcasting via CAMP (France) every 3 weeks!

Dark Sunny Land, Betwixt, Pylon, Coupler

Stereolab, Metz, Guiding Light, Cary Grace

Steep Leans, Matmos, Fertanish, Closed Circuits

Happy Dagger, Harold Budd, Dead Leaf Echo

MV & EE, Jim White/Marisa Anderson, Mount Shasta

Bonnacons of Doom, Hprizm, Ex-Hyena, The Fall

Tapes and Tubes, Wire, Mark Sandman

Suicide, Big Business, Chris Brokaw, Leah Callahan

Laurie Shaw, Steve Fisk, Petridisch, Money Mark

Doom Trip Records, Petridisch, Leah Callahan

This Ship Argo, The Armed, Alan Vega

Nadja, Dean McPhee, Polyhymns

Bill Horist, Hattie Cooke, Ruth Garbus

Honeychild Coleman, Sun Ra, Mdou Moctar

Simon Klee, The Heartwood Institute, Forest Robots

John Fahey, Aaron Dilloway, Dax Pierson




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