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Download – Grizzly Owls

Download – Grizzly Owls


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“hoot, hoot, grrr”

California’s The Grizzly Owls want to take you to the honky-tonk. But not just any honky-tonk. Their bar is a Dust Bowl-era joint where Nick Cave and Merle Haggard swap stories while Patsy Cline (or is it Elizabeth Fraser in a cowboy hat) sings a sad ballad concerning fallen women. Then after the inevitable bar-fight, they all settle down and watch European art-house cinema. – A Sweeping Curve Of Sound

Grizzly Owls are a California-based duo of Jenny and Joseph Androetti who were inspired by their grandparents journey from Oklahoma to Bakersfield during the Dust Bowl migration. Their music is sparse, atmospheric and haunting, owing much to spaghetti western soundtracks and grainy movies, yet it also retains its own character.

So far, the band produced one full-length (2007 “By Night On My Bed”) and a couple of singles / EPs (all of which are available for download on their website), including 2008 “Whiskey and Clyde” single and 2009 EPs “The People Have All Gone” and “I Am A Shootist”.

“By Night” was described by CNet as “Classic Americana with the occasional synth beat, crafted around quivering bass licks, gleaming pedal steel, and miles-away vocals.” Stranded In Stereo described the record as “Americana, not so much in terms of rehashing history, or simply referencing the archaic, but instead capturing the mood of migrating across the country, careworn and exhausted, but convinced you’ll be stronger for the journey.”

According to CD Baby website  “The People Have All Gone” EP was inspired by Peter Bogdanovich movie “The Last Picture Show” and according to them, “These are songs that could be heard blaring out of Sonny Crawford’s truck as he races down the dusty road, or be lightly playing in the background as Jacy Farrow attempts to naively seduce every boy and man in town.”


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