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“A feral racket that sounded as is if the guitars were being played with metal files.” (John Dougan, All Music Guide)

Minneapolis, MN based band which was active from 1987 to 1998. Their most acclaimed album is 1992 “Cunning Stunts”.

Cows were well-known for their live performances, which included acts like kicking people in the front row, spitting on the stage and throwing food at the audience. They have a star in the First Avenue in Minneapolis.

Freddy Votel
Kevin Rutmanis (Fantomas Melvins Big Band, Teenage Larvae, Tomahawk)
Norm Rogers (Jayhawks)
Shannon Selberg (Heroine Sheiks)
Thor Eisentrager
Tony Oliveri (God Bullies)
Fun Facts
– Most of their material is out of print
– Lead singer Shannon Selberg’s trademark is that he has a tattoo illustrating the game Hangman on his body that reads “F_CK” and another tattoo of an anchor with the word “DAD” on top of it.
– One reviewer wrote about the band’s shows, “I have no doubt that The Cows know how to play their instruments. What I don’t understand is why they refuse to tune them.”
Taint Plumbus Taint Unum (1987)
Chow 7″ (1988)
Daddy Has A Tail (1989)
Slap Back 7″ (1990)
Effete & Impudent Snobs (1990)
Peacetika (1991)
Peacetika / Daddy Has A Tail (1991)
Plowed 7″ EP / CD-EP (1992)
Woman Inside 7″ (1992)
Cunning Stunts LP / CD (1992)
Sexy Pee Story (1993)
Cow Island 7″ (1994)
Orphan’s Tragedy LP / CD (1994)
Erase Yer Head No.2 (Split with Headcleaner) (1994)
Old Gold 1989-1991 (1995)
Whorn LP / CD (1996)
Sorry In Pig Minor (1998)
The Missing Letter Is You EP (1998)
Orpheus Travesty (1998)
Compilation Tracks:
Chasin’ Darla” on Crunchouse (Glitterhouse Records, 1989)
Almost A God” on Dope, Guns-‘N’-F—ing In The Streets Volume 1-3 (Amphetamine Reptile, 1989)
Danny Is A Faggot” on Scumbait #1 (Treehouse Records, 1989)
Cartoon Coral” on Dope, Guns & F—ing Up Your Video Deck (Amphetamine Reptile / Atavistic, 1990)
Good Cop” on Endangered Species (Glitterhouse Records, 1990)
Big Mickey” on Ugly American Overkill (Amphetamine Reptile Europe, 1991)
You Are So Beautiful” on Amphetamine Reptile – Peel Sessions (Dutch East India Trading / Strange Fruit, 1992)
How Dry I Am” on Amphetamine Reptile – Peel Sessions (Dutch East India Trading / Strange Fruit, 1992)
Hitting The Wall” on Dope, Guns & F—ing Up Your Video Deck #2 (Amphetamine Reptile / Atavistic, 1992)



Allergic To Myself


Cartoon Corral


Heave Ho


Hitting The Wall


Sugar Torch

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