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I Heart Noise is 12! Guest Mixes, Videos, Reviews from Archives

Hard to believe sometimes, but I Heart Noise is now 12 years old! It was on February 8, 2008 that we published our first post and who would’ve thought that we’ll make it through MySpace era and Vine era and…

Just like Nas we’re taking a trip down the memory lane and inviting you to follow us along.  Previously we did a roundup of our guest mixes and this time we’ll go over the post-independence marathon, ongoing series in which we explore new indie music from the US, both on our own and with help from various contributors.

Music of Alabama

The Yellowhammer State, The Heart of Dixie, and The Cotton State

Featuring Willem Maker, Pace House, The Superelevators, Stoned Cobra, Hexxus, El Chupa Cobras, Nerves Baddington, Holly Waxwing, Calques and more.

Music of Alaska

The Last Frontier

Featuring James Church (Lucidstatic / Pandora’s Black Book), Sophia Street, The Wagner Logic, Dutchess, The High Pets, Misandr, Cliff and Ivy and more.

Music of Arizona

The Grand Canyon State, The Copper State and The Valentine State

Featuring Koleżanka, Rabbit Snare / The Order of Rabbit’s Foot, Alison’s Halo, The Darts, Draa, The Myrrors, Lenguas Largas and more.

Music of Arkansas

The Natural State

Featuring Benadrill, Plvto, Landrest, Okay Crawdad, I Was Afraid, Host/Haunted Disco, The Wirms, Liquid Skulls, Prahnas and more.

Music of California

Take 1 (via Diego Aguilar-C)

featuring 404 Not Found, Julia Mazawa, Greg Gorlen, Bonus Beast, Las Sucias, The Noriegas, Crank Sturgeon and more.

Take 2 – featuring Bob Villain, Wandering Lake, The Jefferson Park Boys, Everyone is Dirty, Sextile, Sway, Sudan Archives and more.

Recent Releases

Willem Maker – The Driving Ones, Vol. 1 (Makerworks Recordings)

Glories – Distant After (Self Released)

Llarks – Luvia (Humanhood Recordings)

Calques – Old Man (To Live a Lie)

Schizos – S/T (Self Released)

Harriers of Discord / Daikaiju Split (Ding Dong Records)

The Pine Hill Haints – Satchel Paige Blues / Whiskey in the Jar (Arkam Records)

The Wagner Logic – Heart is Dark (Self Released)

The High Pets – Burn Forever (Self Released)

Cliff and Ivy – The Best of Cliff and Ivy (Self Released)

Dawn Tuesday – White Torture (Self Released)

Dewith – Wintertime Stuff (Self Released)

koleżanka – Revisited (Self Released)

Rabbit Snare – My Body is A Temple of Pain (version) (Self Released)

The Darts (US) – I Like You But Not Like That (Alternative Tentacles)

Curved Entrances – S/T (Cardinal Fuzz)

ocnotes – Every Man For Himself No One Leaves Alive AKA Everybody Got The Virus (Self Released)

Benadriil – Shark Week (Self Released)

Haunted Disco – Commodore (Self Released)

Prahnas – Start Walking West Until You Find Water (Self Released)

Witchsister – Post Toasty (Self Released)

404 Not Found – Spiritual Drug Party (Orbit’s Spell)

Bob Villain – Pochek (Self Released)

Everyone Is Dirty – Father Figure (Self Released)

R. Beny – Echo’s Verse (Dauw)

El Ten Eleven – Tautology (Joyful Noise Recordings)

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