Recap: Bandcamp Friday / Sept. 4th + Leftovers
Recap: Bandcamp Friday / Sept. 4th + Leftovers

Recap: Bandcamp Friday / Sept. 4th + Leftovers

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Going over recommendations our followers provided during the most recent Bandcamp Friday and we also got some leftover music recommendations to share! Don’t forget to visit our archives and see more recaps of BC Fridays past.

James Toth – Jimmyjack Toth fka Wooden Wand. Featuring Nick Mitchell, Wet Tuna, Coupler, Chris Forsyth and Jerry David DeCicca.

Junklight – aka Mark John Williamson. Featuring Throwing Muses, Kate Carr and Tricky.

Incentive – featuring Tiger Village, Disparition, Lighght, Siavash Amini, Whettman Chelmets, Clone 334, Moor Jewelry, Fire-Toolz and more.

See also – guest mixes by Incentive – mix 1, mix 2, mix 3, mix 4 / 2019 mix

Polypores – aka Stephen J. Buckley. Featuring Field Line Cartographer, Portland Vows, Luke Sanger and Her Majesty’s Coroner for Wirral.

See also – guest mixes by Polypores – mix 1, mix 2

See also – track-by-track for Planet B

Zachary Lipez – a man with a name, a newsletter and two bands (Freshkills / Publicist UK). Featuring Throwing Muses, Solarized, Azar Swan, Cargo Cults, Godcaster, Daughn Gibson and more.

Whettman Chelmets – featuring Binarysweets, Allister Thompson, zwansound, Antonina Nowacka, Bill Orcutt and more.


DJP / DJ Perry – featuring Mountain Goats, Clipping, Owen Pallett, FACS, Protomartyr, Lafawndah, Parish Church

Joshua Minsoo Kim – featuring 9T Antiope, KMRU, Wendy Eisenberg and more.

Nate Holdren – featuring Girls in Synthesis, Laurel Halo, Metz, Plan Pony and more.

Joel Berk – featuring Aaron Dilloway, John Kolodij, Luke Stewart, Bill MacKay and more.

Dillon – featuring Forest Robots, Tangents, Bobby Lee, 3 Lobed and more.

J. Gorecki – featuring Mute Branches, Adventsong, Front & Follow, Triplicate Records and more.

Third Kind – featuring Rupert Lally, Dogs Versus Shadows, Whettman Chelmets, NOT_MDK


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