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Our friend/associate Incentive is back with the third mix of his favorites! Next month marks the release of Happiness – his first album for UK imprint Wormhole World.

There’s only one (and rather gloomily titled) preview track available for Happiness right now, but looking at the tracklist one can safely assume we’re in for a strange but fascinating (if unflinchingly dark) ride. Dive in and don’t forget to check out mix 1 and mix 2 by Incentive!


Tomita – Promenade (RCA CED Intro Version)
Binarysweets – Unethical
O.B.B.B.M:\/ – light switch mecca
Nancy Drone – Connectivity Test
Siavash Amini – The Water Awaits You
Cruel Diagonals – Liminal Placement
Whettman Chelmets – Giant Eyes & Infant Steps
Boobs of Doom – Fumeripits Wept
supercandy – Neon Wax Monsters From Planet April Showers
TAXXESS – The Fuss
Moor Mother – After Images
ESPRIT 空想 – Slow 2018
Spednar – 8+3
Room of Wires – Apocalypse Beach
Pharmakon – Spit It Out
Perera Elsewhere – Wait n See

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