Listen: Guest Mix by Incentive
Listen: Guest Mix by Incentive

Listen: Guest Mix by Incentive

Time for a brand new guest mix and this one comes courtesy of Incentive (Ohio), electronic musician/producer and co-founder of Dystopiaq netlabel. He also runs Circle With a Dot netlabel and his most recent release is Permanence that came out on CWAD in July of this year.

Kenji Kawai – Unnatural City I ((Vap / SonMay, 1993 / Demon Soundtracks, 1996)
Collections of Dead Souls – (Nightmares) Remastered (Self Released, 2018)
O.B.B.B.M:\/ – fecal tsunamicutup (Unreleased Track)
Merzbow – Iron, Glass, Blocks & White Lights (Tzadik, 1998)
Disparition – Riders (Self Released, 2017)
Perera Elsewhere – You’ve Lost (Friends of Friends, 2018)
Adult Ice Cream Enthusiasts – Space Vlams Jouniweg thru da Interfacches part iii / Judge
Judy (Unreleased Tracks)
Kenji Kawai – Unnatural City II (Vap / SonMay, 1993 / Demon Soundtracks, 1996)
Additiv – Rubber Fist (Void Tactical Media, 2010)
Fature – Interconnecting Headspace 2012 Edit (Dystopiaq, 2012)
Building Castles Out of Matchsticks – Breakfast at Twilight (Rusted Tone Recordings, 2018)
Nice Flaws – Drenched (Self Released, 2018)
Evil Robot Ted – Urtica (Nettles) (Brokecore, 2018)
Plutonium Telecom – Zmot (Faturenet Recordings, 2014) – PT is also on Soundcloud
Cluster – Second Part (Impotant Records, 2008)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Zure (Commmons / Milan, 2017)
Kelly Moran – Heloconia (Telegraph Harp, 2017)
See also – Circle With a Dot post with more details on the mix!

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