Bandcamp Sunday // Zachary Lipez
Bandcamp Sunday // Zachary Lipez

Bandcamp Sunday // Zachary Lipez

Zach Lipez

Bandcamp recommendations for this Sunday courtesy of a man with a name and a newsletter (and two bands – one former (Freshkills), one current(Publicist UK)) – Zach Lipez!

Throwing Muses – Sun Racket (Fire Records)

Seriously, what a great, under appreciated rock band. If kids ripped them off instead of Nirvana, what a glorious world it would be. Or at least slightly better. Anyway, @marianatimony did em justice!

Solarized – A Ghost Across Hell From Me (SRA Records)

Gonna get you chumps into Solarized if it kills me. Why you goombas need to be convinced to love a revolution summer, Afro-futurist, gravity records style, wild and free like the summer wind, punk band from Philadelphia with a sick drummer is beyond me.

Azar Swan – The Hissing of a Paper Crane (Primal Architecture Records)

Not gonna way till 2AM to post Azar Swan stuff! My favorite band. Upcoming stuff is brilliant and in the meantime we need to buy the cats a new laser!

Cargo Cults – Nihilist Millennial (Wrecking Crew)

This year, everything Wrecking Crew affiliated has been killer. Stoked on upcoming Cargo Cults album. And not just because I’ve been reading Turgenev so I’m really feeling the album title.

Godcaster – Long Haired Locusts (Ramp Local)

Out today! New Godcaster on @ramplocal! I’m gonna write about these goony goon goons in my next playlist but if the only kind of hippy you vibe with are those kind of mean hippys who do pills and speedy acid, check out godcaster!

Les Amazones d’Afrique – Amazones Power (Real World Records)

Les Amazones d’Afrique album is amaaaaaazzzzing! Buy it!

Daughn Gibson – Vas 1 (Self Released)

Eventually I’m gonna rewrite my MySpace review of Me Moan because it’s off the internet and that album is gorgeous. This lil ep is reminiscent of it and I hope Daughn Gibson makes more music and soon.

Tree & Parallel Thought – The Wild End (de Rap Winkel Records)

I bought this stunning fucker after reading @noz talk it up a while back. (And @BlockheadNYC used to talk about Tree all the time back when he was still blogging.) it’s great!

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