Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Polypores
Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Polypores

Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Polypores

Polypores - Stephen J Buckley
We’re excited to welcome back Stephen James Buckley aka Polypores! He did a mix for us in 2017, but we’re always hungry for more, so dive in!



Benge – Geometry Of Motion (Law & Auder Digital) 

From Tone Flow album.

Tone Flow: a continuum phenomenon.

Caterina Barbieri – TCCTF (Important Records) 

From Patterns of Conciousness album. 

Caterina is a Berlin-based Italian composer who explores themes related to machine intelligence and object oriented perception in sound through a focus on minimalism.

Anthony Child – aningofliveistolivetheme (Dynamic Tension Records) 

From Unfolding Forms album. Also records as Surgeon

I wanted to make some of my new personal music projects available to you in a more direct and immediate way.

Recorded using a Pin Electronics Portabella.

Luke Sanger – Weathered Gansey (Frequency Domain) 

From Traversing Timelines album. 

The eighth release on Frequency Domain is one of the label’s most hypnotic yet: a deep and potent collection of ambient worlds by Luke Sanger.

Field Lines Cartographer – DUGA 1 (Concrete Tapes) 

From Groundwaves album. 

Using analogue synths & field recordings, the Cartographer creates often dark, occasionally bucolic soundscapes, described in The Wire magazine as “shimmering unsettling noodles” & “The sound of big, strange worlds” by Electronic Sound magazine.

Teleplasmiste – Fall Of The Yak Man (House of Mythology) 

From Frequency is the New Ecstasy album. 

Exploring nature and electricity. Mark O Pilkington & Michael J York. 

r beny – Burl (dauw)

From Saudade album. Also appears on Seafoam & Dust compilation. 

music made of light and fog

Portland Vows – Small Room (Concrete Tapes)

From Your Corners album. 

Hainbach – Shivers (Opal Tapes) 

From No Need For Rain album. 

Hainbach is the experimental electronic project of the German composer Stefan Paul Goetsch.

Using modular synthesizers, tape loops and his voice Goetsch is able to excise the most haunting tones from his rig. These are laid out or the listener to peer into or to hold the shell to the ear.

Lo Five – Love Inner Circles (Self Released) 

From Monsters of Beauty album. 

Lo Five is Wirral based producer Neil Grant, founder of Emotion Wave, a platform for emerging electronic artists in the north west.

Polypores – Sky Man (Castles in Space) 

From Flora album. 

Polypores (aka Stephen James Buckley) makes cosmic sleep music, sci-fi soundtracks and immersive drones with synthesizers.

Towering flowers and fungus. Both frightening and overwhelmingly beautiful. Then, emerging at the end through the canopy of trees into bright daylight. The last track, Sky Man, represents this I think. Like I say, it’s a very loose narrative. I don’t even feel like I wrote it myself – more that I channeled it from that strange ether out of which music comes.”

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