Bandcamp Friday // James Toth
Bandcamp Friday // James Toth

Bandcamp Friday // James Toth

James Toth

Kicking off Bandcamp Friday (and Bandcamp Weekend) with a batch of recommendations from Jimmy Toth, an artist formerly known as Wooden Wand and current guitarist for One Eleven Heavy!

Nick Mitchell Maiato – Pino Carrasco (Was Ist Das)

Wet Tuna – Eau’d To A Fake Bookie Vol 2 (Self Released)

Coupler – Rhythm Method (YK Records)

Chris Forsyth / Dave Harrington / Ryan Jewell / Spencer Zahn – First Flight (Algorithm Free)

Jerry David DeCicca – The Unlikely Optimist and His Domestic Adventures (Self Released)

See also

Jimmyjack Toth – One Eleven Heavy Presents: When The Tune Changes​.​.​.​So Does The Dance (Self Released)

Jimmyjack Toth – HOME ZONE (Volume I) (Self Released)

Omega Men & Women – Spirit of the Egg (Self Released)


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