Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Incentive
Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Incentive

Listen: Guest Mix #2 by Incentive

New guest mix by our old friend Incentive! You can find part 1 here.

Left Hand Cuts Off The Right – What Now? (from Purge, 2019, Fractal Meat Cuts)
Toaster – A Decimal (from Fake Lake EP, 2019, Self-Released)
{arsonist} – Expected Time To Extinction (from MELTDOWN, 2019, Renraku)
Vomit from Above – Get Ill (from See You In Hell, 2012, Dystopiaq)
John Object – Drake/Future (from Heat, 2018, Bio Future Laboratory)
Elysia Crampton – Solilunita (from Elysia Campton, 2018, Break World)
Spednar – spCTRL -ELMC Edit– (from Time Before the Moon, 2019, E.L.M Collective)
Collections of Dead Souls – DREAMS DESTROYED (from CAPITALISM IS PUNISHMENT FOR BIRTH, 2018, Self-Released)
Admin Dada – Distant Hopes (from Sectioned v7.0, 2018, Section 27)
Room of Wires – Rhombus4 (from White Transit, 2018, Self-Released)
My Own Cubic Stone – Deeply Asleep Or Slightly Dead (from A New Cycle, 2013, Faturenet Recordings)
Adult Ice Cream Enthusiasts – Wallooms randomes wurly reverse session (Unreleased Track)
Cruel Diagonals – Intent to Vacate (from Disambiguation, 2018, Drawing Room Records)
Seffi Starshine – MS-Purgatory Has Stopped Responding (from Vapor Witch, 2019, Cian Orbe)
Neu! – Im Gluck (from Neu!, 1972, Brain)
Interbella – Magnetic Disturbance (from Swallowed by the Sun, 2018, Muteant Sounds)
Clone 334 – 29 minutes of evolving Modular Synthesis in the Key of A… (from Experiments in Analog and Digital Noise, 2016, Orb Tapes)
Moor Mother – Durational Sound Installation (Single, 2018, Adult Swim)
Apology – Yellow Was Her Name (Single, 2018, Self-Released)
Nancy Drone – Counter-Productive (from Displacement, 2019, Conditional)


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