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Listen: Guest Mix by Polypores

A lot of the electronic music I’ve been enjoying recently fits into the “hauntology” classification: Pye Corner Audiothe Advisory CircleHeinrich Dressel — they all visit a region of vaguely-nostalgic electronic ambiance that suggests unexplained apparitions, dark wonder and perhaps a hint of documentarian objectivity to the whole venture.
The music of Polypores (AKA Stephen J. Buckley) certainly treads this sonic landscape as well.
Stuff to Blow Your Mind

We’re proud to present a mix by Stephen James Buckley (aka Polypores) – an extremely prolific electronic/ambient/drone artist from UK. Over the last few years he put out a variety of material under several monikers on such labels as Polytechnic Youth, Spun Out of Control and Reverb Worship (among many others).

The mix he made for us brings together 14 tracks (including his own). Most of the artists featured (with the exception of Karen Gwyer and Actress) are new to us, which only means that there are even more reasons to dive in and investigate/listen!



EMA – When Darkness Began (City Slang)
Deathcount in Silicone Valley – Hex Void (Burning Witches Records)
Smackos – I Go In the Morning When There’s Not So Many People (Strange Life Records)
Patricia – Plural (Opal Tapes)
Actress – Ivy May Gilpin (Werkdiscs)
Karen Gwyer – You Big (Opal Tapes)
R_Beny – Sideways in Air 1 (Self Released)
Portland Vows – Applications (Concrete Tapes)
Kik – Ara (New York Haunted)
Converti World – Pier Schateiland (New York Haunted)
Tulketh – Gastro (Self Released)
Polypores – A Hum Always (Self Released)

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Listen: Guest Mix by Polypores
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