One More Mile to Providence: Vol. 1-3
One More Mile to Providence: Vol. 1-3

One More Mile to Providence: Vol. 1-3

Music from Providence and Rhode Island

Looking back at playlists of music from Providence and Rhode Island we put together in advance of inaugural I Heart Noise Fest! Named after a line in Morphine song, the series puts together music by artists that performed at the first IHN Fest, their side/solo projects and music by local acts.

In addition to three volumes of OMMtP we also got guest mixes that were compiled for us by RI bands/artists Tovarish and Allysen Callery (plus one from Warped Magazine editor Andrea Feldman). There’s also a few lists we compiled – one for record stores/book stores/college radio stations and venues and one for press/publications of interests in Prov.

Finally, there’s this neat little video playlist that collects all of the performances we filmed during the event. See you next year, Providence!

Vol. 1 – featuring Matt Valentine, MV & EE, Jason Sebastian Russo, Guiding Light, Drums and Drones, Skyjelly, Wolfbear, Electric Djinn, Petridisch, CRAOW, Psychic Graveyard, Baylies Band, Chrome Jackson, Empathy Family, Fred Abong and more

Vol. 2 – Matt Valentine, Wet Tuna, Guiding Light, Retsoor, Catherine Sikora / Brian Chase, Drums & Drones, Skyjelly, Wolfbear, Petridisch, Solilians, Electric Djinn, Lobotomizer, Museum Legs, Daughters, Oceans of the Moon, Brown Bird, The Traps and more

Vol. 3 – Matt Valentine, MV & EE, Guiding Light, Hopewell, Brian Chase / Zeena Parkins, Skyjelly, Wolfbear, Hemlok, VOSP, Bonedust, Nightmom, Marblemouth, Belarisk, Towanda, Hairspray Queen and more


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