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Music from Providence and Rhode Island

There’s just 1 (!) day left until IHN Fest in Providence. And what that means is that we got one more volume of music from Prov/Rhode Island + music from bands playing the fest (plus their side/solo projects/remixes etc) to share with you!

Part 1 can be found here and part 2 can be found here.

MV & EE – Environments 1
Matt Valentine – Minor Rager > Calliphygian Niekro > Minor Rager >
Guiding Light – Heaven
Hopewell – 10,000 Black Masses (Pt. 1)
Brian Chase / Zeena Parkins – Encore / Live at San Damiano Mission
Brian Chase – Stick Shot Harmonics Drone
Skyjelly – Two Hawks
Dr. Wolfbear – Cerberus is Love
Petridisch – 15 (Cryostasium Remix)
Taxxess – Rabbit Rabbit (Petridisch Remix)
Solilians – Rev’s Gold
Electric Djinn – Deer Xing
Hemlok – Sundiver
VOSP – Memory of Apex
Bonedust – Break the Branches
Nightmom – Domino
Marblemouth – Nightshade
Belarisk – 831i41 Ch2)m3’d
Towanda – Humorless Rock Music
Hairspray Queen – Love Enough
Great Gale – Wind Chimes Pt. 2
Petrolio – Scindere 2 Animes
Levitation Jones – American Rudeboi
Lovelettertypewriter – Houses Built
Kid Mountain – Parashootin
Brooke Annibale – Glow
Pattern Behavior – Cocoon
Way Out – Healer
Bluffs – Hoax
Albert DeMuth – Scorched Earth
s.j. bagley – something about aquinus and aquarius, one (tribolium confusum.)
Infrastructure Rot – Live Rot: News Cafe 5.30.19
Mindflayer – Gore Gone Wild
Kristin Hersh – LAX
Widow’s Weeds – Nearing An End So Radiant, So Merciful
Ugly Moon – Songbird
Wolf’s Milk – Downstairs

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