Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 1
Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 1

Listen: One More Mile to Providence – Vol. 1

Music from Providence and Rhode Island

OMMtP (named after a line in Morphine song) series is our tribute to all the hard-working bands and artists of Providence and Rhode Island. Yes, the very same Providence where we’re having our show/fest on October. 26 – and you’re invited too!

Vol. 1 includes tracks by all the artists performing at the fest (Solilians, Guiding Light, Drums and Drones (aka Brian Chase), Skyjelly, Petridisch and MV/EE) + music from their side/solo projects (Wolfbear, Electric Djinn). Furthermore, within you’ll 13 tracks from Prov/RI artists whose music we enjoy!

And don’t forget – there’s even more mixes in our archives


Matt Valentine – Light Speed >

MV & EE – 01 no $ >

Jason Sebastian Russo – Found

Guiding Light – Temptation

Drums and Drones – Melody Drum Drone, v. 4

Drums and Drones – Bridge Drum

Skyjelly – Hello My Friend

Wolfbear – Sound Vulture

Solilians – Lamedvavniks

Electric Djinn – PHOENIX

Petridisch – Intro

Petridisch – 01

CRAOW – square blocks and dead end streets

Psychic Graveyard – Loud As Laughter

Baylies Band – Head-On Collision

Chrome Jackson – That Incident With The Wasp’s Nest

Empathy Family – 1

clocolan – You’ve Got To Not Believe In Something

Bastilla – Daisuki

Orion Rigel Dommisse – Squirrels

Earthencloak – Dewdrops & Gossamer

Courtney Swain – Wish Bone

Fred Abong – Sum

Them Airs – Zachary

Thank God For Science – Oldsmobuick (Single)

Space Heater – Fire Belly

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