Listen: RI/Mass Mix by Tovarish
Listen: RI/Mass Mix by Tovarish

Listen: RI/Mass Mix by Tovarish

Based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and combining dark ambient electronics, metal guitars and excruciatingly inhuman vocals, TOVARISH explore themes such as bio-terrorism, man-made disasters and paranoia. Glacially-paced, cold, and depressive, their music challenges listeners with dense, aleatory textures offering only fleeting respite in brief moments of coherent rhythm and melody.

Lest anyone forget – we got our first Providence show coming up this October! And its time to talk Providence/RI music yet again – and this time the selection comes from an interestingly named Tovarish, an unapologetically dark trio out of Providence that clearly more than a bit of interest in all things Russian/Eastern European.

The mix they made for us is all over the map – both geographically (covering not only Providence and Rhode Island, but nearby states) and genre-wise (think sludge, metal, industrial and everything in between). Step in, if you dare!

Plus few tracks that are not on Bandcamp, namely:
Power Monster – Slag
Xiphoid Dementia – Malevolence
Decent News – It’s Not Innocuous
And if you’re hungry for more music from Providence, we highly recommend checking out Sing Sylphid Sing, a mix by RI chanteuse Allysen Callery!


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