Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Rhode Island
Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Rhode Island

Post-Independence Marathon – New Music from Rhode Island

Music from Rhode Island

We’re continuing out virtual trip across America in search of great sounds from each state! This time our eyes and ears are on Rhode Island, which is also happened to be thee place for upcoming IHN fest!

For RI edition of our Post-Independence Marathon we brought in one of the best experts on the subject of local music – Andrea Feldman, editor of Warped Reality Magazine. Here are her picks for favorite bands out of Rhode Island / Providence:

Downtown Boys

Serious band from Providence.

included on our list of 100 Great Songs from Boston and New England of 2017
Reading: PVDFEST | Providence Journal

Albert DeMuth
included on our list of 100 Great Songs from Boston and New England of 2017.
Reading: Wharf Cat Records | Providence Daily Dose

Black Pus
Solo project of Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt / Mindflayer).
Reading: Cinders Gallery | Columbus Theatre

Lightning Bolt
No intro needed.
see our footage from Big Ears 2018

Belly (RI/Mass.)

La Neve

Downtown Boys. La Neve. Public Historian.

Reading: Take Magazine | Valley Advocate

Van Nostrand Sisters

Sisters Willa & Glenna Van Nostrand grew up together on a small farm singing and dancing the days away.

Death Vessel

That Joel Thibodeau’s slender, winsome voice is at once so comforting and so unsettling might be the greatest of his many strengths. Like Nico’s or Phil Elverum’s,

Way Out

Derek Knox

Nicholas Sadler
Anna Wingfield

Listen to a guest mix that Nick Sadler compiled for us

Arc Iris

American indie rock band from Providence, Rhode Island, formed in 2012. Began as a solo project of Jocie Adams formerly a member of The Low Anthem. Arc Iris is a power trio: Jocie Adams (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Zach Tenorio-Miller (keyboards, vocals), and Raymond Belli (drums)

The Huntress and Holder of Hands

As 5-piece band, The Huntress and Holder of Hands builds harmony, string and bass-driven pieces influenced by Post-Metal, Blues and Americana, offering an intense musical experience that explores love, loss, power and strength.


Providence, Rhode Island’s Adam Morosky pours modular synthesis, drum machines, found sounds and spoken prose into dense, hot compositions, then squints delightedly at the results. His methodology is a tug of war between chaos and control, allowing stray sounds to cycle off at random, but giving them space to work their way back into the fabric.
Louis Pattison, The Wire

Whore Paint

In a pre-post-feminist rage-fueled dystopia, Providence, RI’s Whore Paint claims a Riff Rock/No Wave/Crooner Shred hybrid as the only suitable expression of political discontent, borderline social anxiety, occasional violent outbursts, sexual discernment, periodic bouts of euphoria, & whatever that feeling is you get after a good high five. 

Mark Cutler

Singer – songwriter – guitarist. Active in the indie rock Providence. U.S. scene, leader of The Schemers and Raindogs.

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