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Mix and words by singer/songwriter Allysen Callery (RI). Visit her website and/or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  

Some kinds of folk linger in the shadows, maybe because they are shy, and maybe there in that safe place they begin to glow with their own quiet light, as your eyes adjust to the darkness. Some folk step into the light, are of the earth and let it’s roots intertwine with others. Listen to the music of the woods, from the still and solitary corner of cottages, and be encouraged by the knowledge you are not alone.
I present some of my favorite artists and friends, some I’ve grown up with, and some I feel like I’ve known forever. There are a few cherry picked from my home in Rhode Island, and some from different parts of the world as this age has allowed us to find each other and communicate. Which is good sometimes for the quiet folk.



Shadow Band – Illuminate
Jessica Pratt – Titles Under Pressure
Haunt the House – Little Bird
Karen Zanes – Spring Won’t Wait
Wand – Morning Rainbow
Marissa Nadler – Days of Rum
Sibylle Bayer – I Lost Something in the Hills
White Magic – Katie Cruel
Nick Drake – Milk and Honey
Orion Rigel Dommisse – Fake Yer Death
Birdengine – Buried in the Black Snow
Buck Curran – Rake
Swimming Bell – Quietly Calling
Erica Buettner – A Tale of Norstein
Avi Jacob – One & Only
Ryan Lee Crosby – Smokestack Lightning (Live)
Rob Noyes – Further Off
The Incredible String Band – A Very Cellular Song (2010 Remaster)
Ryley Walker – On the Rise
Lys Guillorn – Fine Tooth Comb
The ‘Mericans – When a Peaceful Bird Can’t Hear Her Own Song
John Faraone – A Long Night and Slow
The Great Park – The Royal Canal
P.G. Six / Helen Rush – Come In / The Winter It Is Past
Mike Bruno – Rites of Spring

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