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Blog Summary - New Music, Reviews, Interviews

Going over our posts from January – from new music releases to music recommendations to playlists!

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End of the Year / Label Mixes

Hausu Mountain – featuring Machine Listener, RXM Reality, Sunwatchers, Fire-Toolz, Bonnie Baxter, Tiger Village and more.

Jordan Reyes (ONO / American Dreams) – featuring Shasta Cults, Hiro Kone, Ka Baird, 9T Antiope, Rafael Anton Irisarri and more.

Good Eye Records – featuring Cathedral Bells, Russian Baths, Carriers and more.

Misophonia Records – featuring Ade Hodges, Kepier Widow, Black Tempest and more.

Chant Records – featuring Randi Pontopiddan, Sandcatchers, Action Friend, Zion80 and more.

Music Recommendations

Pt. 1 – featuring Jon Mueller, Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, Saariselka, Jake Muir and more.

Pt. 2 – featuring Nicholas Langley, U.S. Maple, Elastica, Wet Tuna, Conor C. Ellis and more.

New Music Releases

Pt. 1 – featuring Squarepusher, Xetas, The Cult of Dom Keller, Body in the Thames, Andrulian and more.

Pt. 2 – featuring Field Music, Sun Araw, Jeff Parker, Pulse Emitter and more.

New/Upcoming – featuring  Jan St. Werner, Oval, OOIOO, Sightless Pit and more.


Big Black / Dave Riley Playlist – our readers/followers pick their favorite tunes by BB / remembering Dave Riley.


Josh Hasty / Michael Brooker – Candy Corn Soundtrack (via David Soulscorch)

Sunken Foal – Le Doux Nord (via Dan Frye)

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