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Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Misophonia Records

Misophonia Records is slowly becoming a go to place for all things dark ambient, cerebral drone and immersive electronica. The Chelmsford outfit have already released flawless cassettes by D. HaleSALTINGS and Kepier Widow. – God is in the TV

We’re proud to present a label mix from our fellow psychonauts/sound explorers – UK-based imprint Misophonia. Based out of Chelmsford, they debuted in February with R-DA-Epoch by Pink Midnight and as of January 2020 the label produced more than 10 releases.
The mix that Andy from Misophonia cooked up for us features some very familiar names (Ade Hodges, Saltings, Kepier Widow) along with a bunch of totally new ones (Suraya Kris Peters from Samsara Blues Experiment). Dive in!



Pink Midnight – R-DA-Epoch 96 Hours x6
D.Hale – eikosany_13
SALTINGS – Earth Fosters What Heaven Lets Fall (excerpt)
EntangleMints – If You Don’t Get Caught It Ain’t No Crime
Ade Hodges – Disembodied (excerpt)
avens – the mice sing dirty hymns across apartment floors
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Mending Fences
Kepier Widow – Boundaries (excerpt)
Life Education – Sundrip Stain
Surya Kris Peters – La Morrina
Black Tempest – Chapter 1 – The Naked Earth
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol – Ultra High Freakquency
Imhotep – 1828, I Think
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Around 2019 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Misophonia Records