New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 1
New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases

Talking about all the new music releases coming out this January! Jump into our archives and hear even more new sounds!


Squarepusher – Be Up a Hello (Warp Records)

Tom Jenkinson returns to the vintage hardware used in his early ’90s works on ‘Be Up A Hello’ – his first project as Squarepusher following a 5-year hiatus.

Xetas – The Cypher (12XU)

Maybe it’s a concept record? Could be, if the concept is figuring out how to survive by being yourselves, how to get better and better every day at being a band, and leaving nothing on the court. Isn’t that a concept every band should have? Is that even a concept? Isn’t that reality? It’s like I have to look everything up these days. – James McNew

The Cult of Dom Keller – Ascend! (Cardinal Fuzz)

For fans of Chrome, Les Rallizes Denudes, The Stooges, German Oak (it is that basement vibe)

Chorchill – Kolonie (Wormhole World)

Music of the minimalistic, krauty and soothing sort.

zakè & City of Dawn – Wander (Zakè Drone Recordings)

This collaborative album between zakè and City of Dawn is the first release under Zakè Drone Recordings; an imprint used to publish zakè’s own material along with collaborative projects involving his work.

‘Wander’ is an expression of slowing down. Collaboratively written during the winter months where days linger, frozen in time. The cold temperatures and darker days significantly influenced the writing process and resolve of both artists resulting in three immersive and hypnotizing dronescapes.

Shane Parish – Way Haul Away (Dear Life Records)

His website keeps the verbiage short and sweet, describing the artist as “guitarist / composer / educator” and keeping those as a frame of reference is a great starting point to Shane Parish.

Parish, an Asheville-based guitarist and educator, has released music on John Zorn’s Tzadik label, and just finished his new album ‘Way Haul Away’ – which went public on Jan. 10.  The album is a collection of highlights from his 147 song project interpreting every single song in the Fireside Book of Folk Songs. – American Songwriter

Body In The Thames – A New Decade (Self Released)

I know it’s the middle of the night & no one is on here and WWIII is gonna kick off any minute now but I actually did release some new music today.

Siavash Amini & Saåad – All Lanes Of Lilac Evening (Opal Tapes)

Radiant drone works from Siavash Amini (Room 40, Flaming Pines, Umor Rex) and Saåad (HITD, In Paradisium) combining for the first time together in this lambent collection of field recordings, strings, guitar and synthesizer.

Seth Chrisman & Andrew Weathers – Put Your Face In The River (Full Spectrum Records)

Full Spectrum Records kicks off the new year with a fresh edition featuring label curator Andrew Weathers and his friend, long-time collaborator, and stalwart drone wizard, Seth Chrisman. Put Your Face In The River marks the duo’s fourth collaboration, following on from 2017’s Ogallala release for our Editions Littlefield sub-label.

Andrulian – Grains (Mystic Timbre)

Moments pass, but their residue can be captured, made a distinct grain of documented experience on its own passing timeline. Spectral drones, unsettling glitches, and field recordings make up the title track on Grains.

Maria Moles – 036 ‘Opening’ (Nice Music)

Debut release from multi-skilled Melbourne percussionist’ Maria Moles (Jaala, Francis Plagne, On Diamond).

via Andrew Anderson

Cary Grace – Lady of Turquoise (Door 13 Music)

Fantastic packaging from Cary Grace & Door 13 Music. Not heard it? You really should…

via Sid Smith

Suite for Max Brown follows Parker’s critically praised 2016 record The New Breed, which, as the composer says, “became a kind of tribute to my father who he passed away while I was making the album. It’s named for a clothing store he owned when I was a kid. I thought it would be nice this time to dedicate something to my mom while she’s still here to see it. Maxine Brown is her maiden name and everybody calls her Max. The picture on the cover is her when she was nineteen.”

via Jake Muir

Orchid Mantis – Long Division (Z Tapes Records)

The second of two small collections of songs written and recorded after yellow house. after three consecutive albums working at a certain sound i wanted to give myself space to experiment without expectations & introduce fresh ideas. for these songs, i revisited the methods of recording used for all of my earliest releases up until flashbulb memory – everything was captured on 4-track tape immediately after it was written, generally first-take, without questioning or fine-tuning. they are nocturnal songs meant for winter, long periods spent indoors.

via ski ler

Carlos Vivanco – Far East (Self Released)

New solo album from Mexican guitarist Carlos Vivanco (Decibel / Fist of Facts / Bardo Thodol)

via opposition

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