New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 2
New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases – January 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Releases

Time to talk about all the new music that came out in January (with a little help from our followers).

Check out part 1 of the January roundup here and/or dive into our archives.


Quartz Ibex – Wrist Wasp (Cette Records)

skronk heads take note

via tendencyitis

CRYOSAUNA – Endless Slumberwalk

DROIDROY – 水族館の夜

Out on No Problema Tapes

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Una Presencia En La Brisa (A Strangely Isolated Place)

For some of the most glorious sounds, textures and environments you can find


Field Music – Making a New World (Memphis Industries)

Field Music’s new release is “Making A New World”, a 19 track song cycle about the after-effects of the First World War. But this is not an album about war and it is not, in any traditional sense, an album about remembrance. There are songs here about air traffic control and gender reassignment surgery. There are songs about Tiananmen Square and about ultrasound. There are even songs about Becontree Housing Estate and about sanitary towels.

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Sun Araw – DX “Classics” (Self Released)

Holy hell… @SUNARAW just dropped this ridiculous collection of DX7 covers that has made me laugh so hard this afternoon

via roberthamwriter

The Nag’s Head – Entropy Noodle (Kit Records)

KR34 is out today :: following a trilogy of tapes, ENTROPY NOODLE is @headnagsthe’s first LP proper, and signals a maturation of sound – bending, twisting and manipulating synthesis to explore every microtonal corridor of the sonic spectrum…

Harry Cloud – The Pig and The Machine (Whiteworm Records)

OUT TODAY! – #HarryCloud is a singer-songwriter, multi instrumentalist out of Georgia, currently based in Los Angeles. The Pig and The Machine is the 5th Harry Cloud album recorded by Paul Roessler (The Screamers, mike watt, Nina Hagen) at Kitten Robot Studios. @harrycloud666 XO.

via ChrisEstey

Swami Raja – भगवद् गीता (Infinite Sync)

William Fields – Imperfekt (Kaer‘Uiks)

some of todays best generative music is being made right here in Delaware, USA

via burlveneer

YlangYlang – Interplay (Crash Symbols)

I’m loving the new YlangYlang album. When I first heard the term electroacoustic music years ago, this is what I wish it sounded like.

via wipeoutbeat

The Alvaret Ensemble – ea (Laaps)

The Alvaret Ensemble is the improvisatory collective based around Greg Haines (piano), Jan Kleefstra (voice, poems), Romke Kleefstra (guitar, bass and effects) and Sytze Pruiksma (percussion).

via remotevoices

Lying Cat – Second Life (Bricolage)

Just leave this here…no reason, no reason at all.

via jilkmusic

Jeff Parker – Suite for Max Brown (International Anthem)

Don’t sleep on this one y’all. It’s the TRUTH.

via Kevin Hill / ChunkyGlasses

Pulse Emitter – Swirlings (Hausu Mountain)

Working alone in office today means smashing the new @PulseEmitter on @HausuMountain full whack

via suncurves__


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