Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 1
Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 1

Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Recommendations

What have our followers been listening to this January? Lets check.

And do check our archives for even more listening/music recommendations…


Terrible At Small Talk – The Abandoned Express Doubts (Self Released)

First promotional post of 2020; bring the noise

via fertanish

Jon Mueller – Codex Intueri (Rhythmplex)

Blurs the line between acoustic drumming and more formalized techno music.

via Sonofmarketing

Alina Simone – Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware (54º40′ or Fight!)

Alina Simone covers the music of Soviet punk poet, Yanka Dyagileva.

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Bored Lord – Nu Metal Toolz (Self Released)

Ay, @glorbis @aerielist so this is weird, have you heard Bored Lord’s Nu Metal Toolz? They’re breaky edits of nu metal classics, to be honest, they bang.

via chuckpee

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (LIVE at the Empty Bottle, 10/05/09)

Bummed I missed these shows of one of my favorite bands Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, they sounded great. Also does Lydia have sheet music?

via Grimisham

Absolutely – Space Death

whomst the fuck is making this good musicwhomst the fuck is making this good music

via prisoncitynoise

Topdown Dialectic – Vol. 2 (Peak Oil, 2019)

Sophomore set of illusory software installations by undisclosed North American technologist Topdown Dialectic, sourced from the same vault as 2018’s celebrated self-titled LP

via roberthamwriter

Dunning and Brosamer – Glocken (Invisible City Records)

NP: mechano-goth rumbles, aetheric scuffles

Yummy sound-dust from that there @grahamdunning and Sascha Brosamer on @inviscityrecs

via PaulMargree

Saariselka – The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence Limited)

Saariselka is inspired by the meeting of earth and light, where slowly moving land masses merge with enveloping light fields. This sonic collaboration between composers Marielle Jakobsons (Fender Rhodes, organ, synthesizers) and Chuck Johnson (pedal steel guitar and treatments) is as expressive as it is enigmatic.

M. Grig – Mount Carmel (12k)

Michael Grigoni is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in dobro, lap steel and pedal steel guitar living in Durham, North Carolina. His songs are beautiful, slow, wistful and lonely. The hazy, sliding sound of the guitars steep the music in nostalgia and mystery as these instruments can so often beautifully do. Mount Carmel is his debut release on 12k, an album close to his heart.

via djbuckrooster

Urban Jazz Ritual – Car Crazy (Zulu Records)

Lost scouse classic.

via BonnaconsOfDoom

Mark Jenkin – Bait (Original Score) (Invada)

Was trying to suss out who did the drone pieces on Bait. Found the other bits on IMDb but couldn’t find the drone bits I particularly liked. Turns out it was Mark Jenkin himself and it is released on @invadauk

via misterunderwood

VA – Noise, Nonsence and Nothing (Inner-X-Musick)

1987 compilation featuring Due Process, Smegma, Emil Beaulieau, John Zewizz and more

via Anatomy of the Heads

Swimming In Bengal – Collective Elephant (Lather, 2019)

The music is improvised without any overdubs.

via roberthamwriter

Jake Muir – Lady’s Mantle (sferic)

Sunnies on, drop-top down, sferic cruise the best coast with Jake Muir, an artist and field recordist hailing from Los Angeles, California, where he’s previously recorded and released albums under the Monadh moniker for Further Records and Touch, the latter of which on the compilation ‘Live At Human Resources’, where he took part in a beautiful group tribute to Jóhann Jóhannsson along with a number of solo contributions.

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Scuba – Expectations (Hotflush Recordings)

Is this what you expected?


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