New/Upcoming Music Releases – 2020
New/Upcoming Music Releases – 2020

New/Upcoming Music Releases – 2020

New Music Releases

Talking about all the new and upcoming releases coming this year! Think Jan St. Werner (Mouse on Mars), Wasted Shirt (Brian Chippendale/Ty Segall) and more.

Editions Mego

Jan St. Werner featuring Mark E Smith – Molocular Meditation (Feb. 21)

Molocular Meditation is a bespoke light and sound environment featuring the voice of the Fall’s Mark E Smith. Smith is heard making observations on mundane objects, events, and a range of meditation techniques basically associating his discontent with an apolitical British upper class. His voice forms the narrative component of an electroacoustic composition by Jan St. Werner placed in a hyper-real scenario evoking a state of transformation and deceleration. “Molocular Meditation” premiered at Cornerhouse, Manchester in 2014. This album presents a re-edited and remastered stereo version of the original multi-channel piece. Voice and guitar feedback were recorded at Blueprint Studios Manchester, electronics in Werner’s studio in Berlin.

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Famous Class

Wasted Shirt – Fungus II 

Rarely when formulating combinations of musicians you would like to hear play together do you get to actually hear it. If Brian Chippendale and Ty Segall made a record, would you want to hear it? If the answer is yes, read on. If the answer is no, it’s too bad you ended up canned, suspended in syrup with nothing but other peaches to keep you company.

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Ipecac Recordings

tētēma – Necroscape (Apr. 3)

tētēma, the bi-continental outfit featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle) and the Melbourne based, electro-acoustic artist Anthony Pateras, return with their sophomore album, the mind-bending Necroscape (April 3, Ipecac Recordings).

Thrill Jockey

OOIOO – nijimusi (Jan. 17)

YoshimiO, frontwoman of OOIOO, is a musical force of nature. The multi-instrumentalist is best known for her drumming Boredoms and work with SAICOBAB, and has collaborated with Susie Ibarra, Kim Gordon, the Flaming Lips and many more.

Oval – Scis

Just over a week out from the release of his new album Scis, Berlin producer Markus Popp aka  Oval has shared new single “Oxagon”. Occupying a unique space somewhere between Oval‘s early ambient/glitch experiments and more recent dancefloor excursions, “Oxagon” demonstrates Popp’s impressive command of space and texture. Using tactile, minimal instrument loops, Popp provides subtle hints of melody and rhythm whilst giving the piece room to grow and breathe.


Sightless Pit – Grave of a Dog (Feb. 21)

Sightless Pit brings together three of the most ambitious and prolific minds in heavy music today. The trio, comprised of Lee Buford of The Body, Kristin Hayter of Lingua Ignota and Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, have announced the release of their debut album Grave of a Dog, due out February 21st. First single “Kingscorpse” perfectly captures both the breadth and clarity of the trio’s vision, twisting through operatic vocals, pummeling jackhammer rhythms and vaporous electronics.

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Are there any new/upcoming releases worthy of attention we missed? Let us know by leaving a comment (or two).

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