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With one tentacle threaded through the US noise underground and one ear fixed on a worldwide online network of freak-friendly minds, the Hausu Mountain label has pumped a diverse menu of experimental music from its volcanic peak at a steady clip since 2012. Founded in Chicago by musicians and roommates Doug Kaplan (who records as MrDougDoug) and Maxwell Allison (who records as Mukqs), the label originally served as a home for their own projects, including the trio Good Willsmith. As Kaplan and Allison discover new projects from touring the DIY circuit and scraping through the strangest corners of the internet, the label’s wide catalog grows to encompass everything from otherworldly synthesizer composition to frantic beat production in the IDM tradition to strains of free jazz infused with electronics alongside horns or drums – onward through any number of genre-bending mutations you might find in the “???” or “Avant/Noise” bin in your local record store.

We’re proud to introduce a guest mix by notoriously free-wheeling Chicago label Hausu Mountain! 25 tracks from both the labels back catalog and other labels like Awesome Tapes from Africa. Dive in!


1. Wobbly – “One Trillionth”
2. Khaki Blazer – “Gabby”
3. Nonlocal Forecast – Triangular Format (feat. Fire-Toolz)
4. Ecco2K – “Sugar & Diesel” – (Year0001 – 2019)
5. BANG! BROS. – “Cold Dark Matter”
6. Machine Listener – “79!”
7. Frank Hurricane – “Susquehanna Blues” – (Feeding Tube – 2019)
8. Simulation – “The Wind Touched Your Face”
9. RXM Reality – “Doom”
10. Eartheater – “View Point Strata”
11. Antoinette Konan – “Abidjan Adja” – (Awesome Tapes from Africa – 2019)
12. Moth Cock – “If Beggars Were Horses”
13. Sunwatchers – “Everybody Play”
14. Factual Brains – “Pink Skies (Youth Homage)” – (Suite 309 – 2019)
15. Bonnie Baxter – “SKYRAT”
16. Sharkula x Mukqs – “The Love Boat”
17. W00dy – “Like What U Do” – (Self-Released – 2019)
18. Tiger Village – “Soft, Real” 
19. Euglossine – “Naturalist”
20. Pepper Mill Rondo – “Lick It Up, It’s Christmas Morning”
21. DJ Haram – “No Idol” – (Hyperdub – 2019)
22. M. Geddes Gengras – “Cellar/Oracle”

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