Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 2
Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 2

Music Recommendations for January 2020: Pt. 2

New Music Recommendations

Another roundup of music recommendations for January from our followers! See part 1 here.


Nicholas Langley – Final Wave (Third Kind Records)

Tracks bob, twist, and weave and many unexpected ways. Electro in the broadest sense but always with an ear for the unorthodox and fun.

U.S. Maple – The Wanderer (Sonic Bubblegum / Rococo Records)

I like the oldies

via Gary Lindon

bran(…)pos – Cosmic Mushmouth (Planetary Magnetics Corporation)

BRAN new thing COSMIC MUSHMOUTH out October 31 2019 on Planetary Magnetics Corporation to accompany your travel beyond the Kármán line. Limited edition cassette with art and design by Tyler Harwood.

via Rubber0Cement

Elastica – Car Song (Geffen / DGC)


via Petridisch

Disq – Collector (Saddle Creek)

Disq have assembled a razor-sharp, teetering-on-the-edge-of-chaos melange of sounds, experiences, memories, and influences. Due out March 6 on Saddle Creek, Collector ought to be taken literally—it is a place to explore and catalogue the Madison, Wisconsin band’s relationships to themselves, their pasts, and the world beyond the American Midwest as they careen from their teens into their 20s. This turbulence is backdropped by gnarled power pop, anxious post-punk, warm psych-folk, and hectic, formless, tongue-in-cheek indie rock.

via Rock Of The Arts

Wet Tuna – Disco Bev (Three Lobed)

getcho mornin psychedelic groove on

via Arise

Dave Willey / Counter People – LITOST (Self Released)

Dave Willey is best known as the co-founder and member of the Boulder, Colorado-based avant-rock group Hamster Theatre. He is also a member of Thinking Plague and 3 Mice. He has released two solo albums and has performed with Hamster Theatre and Thinking Plague in the United States and Europe.

via Christophe Petchanatz (klimperei)

Pixl Prymd – mummifyme (Raund Haus)

starting the year off right by dropping a full length release via on January 24 entitled ‘mmmagic’ preview the tape with the track ‘mummifyme’ now.

See also – Moogfest Mix by Raund Haus

Nikki Sudden & The French Revolution – See My Rider (Rough Trade / Creation)

via pH Pro Audio

Conor C. Ellis – Canyons (Heights)

Go listen to my contribution to this thoughtful, beautifully curated compilation.

Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce – Alien Girl (Prototype Recordings)

via _tlr_

Big Chap – Mercury Red Demos (Self Released)

Wash of reflective lo-fi slowcore from Big Chap!

via Wild Patterns

Rupert Lally – The Prospect (Spun Out of Control)

One of my favourite albums recently…💀🏔

Rupert Lally – The Prospect

Dense psychological horror themes and atmospheres

via Third Kind

See also – review by Iain


Scrap City (Junk Maker Sounds)


Another compilation in a long series curated by BLUESCREEN, who has helped put together a fitting release in a line of send-off releases for Junk Maker Sounds.


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