Recap: Bandcamp Friday / August 7th + Leftovers
Recap: Bandcamp Friday / August 7th + Leftovers

Recap: Bandcamp Friday / August 7th + Leftovers

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New Releases / Reissues

Skin Graft Records – talking about two reissues + one upcoming album from the legendary record label.

Betwixt, Gull Boy, Darryl Blood – more reissues and new albums – this time from Turkish Delight crew.

Bandcamp Picks by Our Followers

Dillon – featuring Cut Chemist, Spectacular Diagnostics, Surprise Chef, Jerome Deupree and more.

Round 4 – featuring picks by Ganser and The Texas Hammer. Sad13, Holy Wave, Weyes Blood, Annabelle Chairlegs and more.

See also – track-by-track breakdown of Just Look at That Sky by Ganser

J. Gorecki – picks by the founder of British label Bricolage. Featuring Feather Beds, Boom Merchant,  Belial Pelegrim, Roel Funcken and more.

See also – label mix by Bricolage

Recommendations from Forum – featuring picks by Ingrown Records, slowabyss and Vogon Laundromat.

Leftovers – Albums / Singles / EPs

Come Away with EMD – featuring Lamin Fofana, Jayda G, Evergreen, Landon Caldwell, Emily A. Sprague, Sarah Hennies, Sneaks, Drea the Vibe Dealer, Cruel Diagonals, Black Meteoric Star and more.

Joel Berk – featuring A Grape Dope, Jack Rose, Blacks’ Myths, Angel Bat Dawid, Wet Tuna, Erick Slick and more.

Abe Igor – featuring Disgraced Knight, Spirit Possession, Moss Golem, Wvrm, Kvaen.

James Britt – featuring Barbara Morgenstern, Shane Parish, Pixelord, Whettman Chelmets, Rob Noyes and more.

Richard Chartier – featuring KMRU, Yellow Swans, Daniel Menche, Ben Vida and more.

Leftovers – Artist Recommendations

Mike Stanton (via Fourculture) – featuring Polypores, Concretism, Field Lines Cartographer / Impulse Array, BUNKR and more.


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