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Letters From Mouse is an electronic music producer from near Edinburgh in Scotland. Influenced by the likes of Boards Of Canada, Plaid, Aphex Twin and Kraftwerk.

Bubbling Analogue Synthesis. One Half of Raven Musen.

Presenter of The Magic Window on http://MadWaspRadio.com

Been awhile since we featured a guest mix by one our followers, but now is as good time as ever to get back into the swing of things! Up first is a selection by Letters from Mouse who was the first to point us in the direction of excellent Canadian artist Cpektir. Judging by the amount of names featured in his mix there’s a lot more goodness/awesomeness lying ahead. Dive in!


Blank Disco – Season Two (Subexotic Records)

Bendu – Light Leak (Self Released)

All My Friends Are Ghosts – Good Night Piggy (Music is the Devil)

Faex Optim – Puck’s Glen (Kahvi Collective)

Giants of Discovery – Circadian Rhythm (Self Released)

NNYz? – s424ap (Self Released)

Panama Fleets – Everything You Ape Is a Baboon (Sparkwood Records)

Robin Saville – In Konik Mokkin (Second Language)

Everyday Dust – Infinity Of Fragments (Sparkwood Records)

Cpektir – Trains and Time Travel (Self Released)

Letters From Mouse – Solar Winds (Self Released)

Clocolan – Until The Truth Is Revealed (Self Released)

Keith Seatman – The Hang Bird (Castles in Space)

Survey Channel – Bare Moon Polaris (Wormhole World)

Soul Flask – New Rainbow (Mahorka)

Polypores – Delphinium (Castles in Space)

Star Madman – Anti-Matter (Self Released)

Sunwarper & K3hrtis – Periapsis (Self Released)

The Night Monitor – 1979 The Year of Mystery Globs (Fonolith)

The Central Office of Information – Homemade Jams & Chutneys (Castles in Space)

Dogs Versus Shadows – Lima Papa (Subexotic Records)

Dohnavur – Cloudback (Werra Foxma Records)

Rupert Lally – What We Found In The Woods (Modern Aviation)

Time Rival – Slightly Blemished (Triplicate Records)

Cialyn – The Lone Thistle (Kahvi Collective)

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