Bandcamp Sunday // J. Gorecki
Bandcamp Sunday // J. Gorecki

Bandcamp Sunday // J. Gorecki

J Gorecki Bricolage

And as Saturday turns into Sunday we got even more Bandcamp recommendations and hauls to go over.

Case in point – J. Gorecki, founder of UK label Bricolage (that contributed label mix to our vaults back in 2018). Lets take a closer look at his Friday haul, shall we?

Albums / Singles /EPs

Haxo – Freitags Variete (Nidali Records)

Freitags Variété is Haxo’s first EP, released in September 2018 through bahnhof::zoo’s NIDALI Records. Recorded in August 2017, its five tracks were born out of improvisation sessions, then slowly processed and refined for 9 months.

Miwon – A to B (City Centre Offices)

First, there is the bullet train. Once inside the Shinkansen, Miwon unpacks his euphoric melodies, haunting atmospheres, killer beats and sweet, irresistible pop songs. On “A To B”, Miwon takes his love for electronic music to another level, making it even more accessible.

Soutien Gorge – Meseerdo (Touched Music)

Roel Funcken – Dragomane Misinize (Bion Glent Records)

His ambient textures maintain a cinematic quality throughout, while his percussive arrangements retain a constantly mutating framework, always reconstructing its rhythm and structure, contradicting complex configurations and minimal design.

Feather Beds – Fragile / Temper (Sad Songs Records)

Masterfully blurring the lines between dream-pop, shoegaze, electronica, ambient, and experimentalism, London-based Dublin artist Michael Orange aka Feather Beds is easily one of the island’s most idiosyncratic musical minds. – The Thin Air

Boom Merchant – No Justice No Peace / Courage (Self Released)

Over the last few weeks I’ve been streaming live coverage of the protests across the States while making music all night in the studio. While it hasn’t all been pretty, the violence and the hatred has predominantly been a one-way street, and the protesters have shown big courage, determination and unity.

There’s not much I can do to help here in Scotland, but I took some samples and I got to work on the machines. The result is music I hope represents the power and the spirit of the movement. 100% proceeds across all platforms will go to Black Lives Matter. Historic change is on the horizon! Lets make it happen.

Salvatore Mercantate – wvod. / slope (Self Released)

Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to become friends with one of the grooviest of ghoulies working today – a New York City based artist, with a penchant for Italian horror movies and 80’s horror music, Salvatore Mercatante. What instantly clicked in early conversations with Mercatante was just how clearly he understood horror and the artisty behind the genre that has kept it alive across generations; not to mention his curious enjoyment of skeletons and his carefully curated collection of skeleton gifs. – Universal Monster Universe

Belial Pelegrim / GrevusAnjl – A Dim White Statue Extinguished By Stones (Self Released)

Fifth collaboration between two artists.

Arran Trax – Senegalese Fishing Boats E.P. (Self Released)


Hosok (Crisis)

We believe the real heroes are the healthcare workers on the frontline of this crisis, who push their physical and mental limits to fight COVID-19. In these uncertain times, they need our help now more than ever.

We decided to release this 18-track fundraising compilation Hősök /høːʃøk/ [eng.: Heroes]—with artists connected to the city we hold so dear—in the hope to raise money for Szent László Hospital in Budapest.

All proceeds from this compilation will go directly to Pro Infectologia Foundation for the purchase of 40 new state-of-the-art hospital beds to improve the recovery of COVID-19 patients.

Isolation and Rejection Vol. 2 (Front & Follow)

ISOLATION AND REJECTION was born out of thinking about what happened to all the tracks that didn’t make it onto those fancy compilations, and is now turning into an ongoing project to collect, collate and promote rejected sounds. This is not an isolation project – it’s a rejection project.

All income raised will go to The Brick in Wigan – a fantastic charity on the front line of supporting those most in need, seeking to address the inequalities across our country exacerbated by COVID-19, but there all along.


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