Bandcamp Friday // Skin Graft Records
Bandcamp Friday // Skin Graft Records

Bandcamp Friday // Skin Graft Records

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Time to check in with our friends at Skin Graft Records and see what they have in store for this Bandcamp Friday…


Strangulated Beatoffs – Porky the Pig and Bess

Our introduction to the bizarro universe of SB (aka Fritz Noble and Stan Seitrich, formerly of Drunks with Guns, another odd universe in itself) started with a piece entitled Cocky Asshole. Lets say that if the prospect of listening to 7 minutes of looped whistling and percussion doesn’t fill you with dread, then you too can become a convert to a cult of Strangulated Beatoffs.

Said piece, however, represents only one side of the band. 4 tracks presented on this here reissue represent the other – title track kicking in a beat heavily reminiscent of Big Black with some electronics (excuse me, Moogtronics) and heavily processed vocals thrown in for a good measure.

The reissue was remastered by almighty Weasel Walter and comes along with a bunch of comics by Paul Nitsche, Jim Utz, Mark Fischer and Rob Syers.

Sides 5-6

Part of a legendary AC/DC covers box set featuring Japanese rabble rousers/noisemakers Zeni Geva (covering “Let There Be Rock”) on one side and Bonnie Prince Billy (in his Palace Contribution guise) covering “Big Balls” on the other. Comes along with a bunch of comics as well.

New/Upcoming Releases

Terms – Asbestos Mouth

Release Date: October 2020

It is through our friend Shane Parish that we first had a chance to witness an absolute drumming powerhouse that is Danny Piechocki.  “Asbestos Mouth”, debut from Terms (his duo with Chris Trull (ex-Yowie)), brings a further proof – this is what happens when two musicians absolutely lose their mind in the studio (at least judging by the preview track posted). If early Tera Melos is up your alley, this should be too. 


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