Blog Summary – November 2018
Blog Summary – November 2018

Blog Summary – November 2018

The Month of November
Recap of all the things that were posted on I Heart Noise in November!
Guest Mixes
Eat My Guts Then Eat Some More – compiled by Justin Pearson (via The Chain)

Indie Label Roundtable
Whited Sepulchre Records + Crafted Sounds + Tor Johnson Records

Pictureplane (conducted by Nick Panagakos)

Listening Room
Part 1 – Dire Wolves, The Left Outsides, White Fence, Polvo, Patois Counselors, Elkhorn, Dreamcrusher
Part 2 – Demdike Stare, Lapalux, Sons of Kemet, Swervedriver, Andrew Tasselmyer, Mica Levi, The High Llamas

Coffin Salesman – Nicrophorus Americanus (via Nick Panagakos)
Collections of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste EP (via Alan Morse Davies)
Dire Wolves / Headroom Split (via Sam Wade)
Empathy Family – Sleep Transmission (via Taxxess)
Girl Pusher – 911 (via Lightning Pill)
Ricardo Dias Gomes – Aa (via Sam Wade)
Stern – Missive: Sister Ships (via Scot Gelinas)
Third Witness and Friends – Illequal (via Taxxess)
Batch – Qui, Daughters, Arabrot, Cherubs (via Nick Panagakos)

Six More Miles – Remembering Hardy Fox (via Nick Panagakos)
Video Premiere: 101 Beats Per Minute – One Over
Preview – Hassle Fest 10
On Tour + Upcoming Releases – Pylon Reenactment Society
Test Subjects…Study Up On This!
New Music Releases – November 2018


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