Review: Collections of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste EP
Review: Collections of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste EP

Review: Collections of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste EP

Collection of Dead Souls - A Calm Taste EP
I type as I listen.
We open with glitches and kosmische loops engulfing us and slowly pulling us in.
Whispers or birdsong or both gradually reveal melodies apparently lost in time, as if Terry Riley had poured an organ into a bucket.
This is inherent kindness in relative chaos. We have a song that is true, listen to what we have to get through to sing it.
Track 2 starts in a contemplative way, can’t quite tell if they’re using just intonation but there is a general rightness to it redolent of early 70s electronic pioneers.

Now some beautifully simple and considered stuff with drum machines, totally dry, bold move!
These are all ostensibly different mixes of the same thing but play out much more like an album with a coherent perspective.
We now get sucked back into the universe of track one but with seemingly different obstacles.
Track 3, the “meditation” mix is genuinely disquieting, like someone @trying to meditate whilst being totally incapable of quieting their own thoughts, seems like a visceral embodiment of years of distress.
Track 4 “loops”, well I’m a sucker for those, it seems incredibly kind, like they would never want you as a listener to go through what they did, I have massive appreciation for that sentiment.

I’m getting on a bit now so get bored by repeats. This is not that.
I found it intensely personal, beautifully constructed and very kind.
It felt more like a privilege than a chore to walk through the mind of someone so honest.
Should you listen to it? Yes!

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