Music Recommendations for November 2018
Music Recommendations for November 2018

Music Recommendations for November 2018

Another round of music recommendations / listening suggestions from our followers! Dive into our archives to see even more recommendations.
Shnabubula – Game Genie (Hausu Mountain, 2018) – Built from the timbres of legendary consoles like SNES & Genesis, GG plays out like a bizarro-reality 16-bit soundtrack refracted through the prisms of 70s fusion, prog, and kosmische music. ðŸŽ®
Dire Wolves – Shootout at the Dildo Factory (Eiderdown Records, 2018) – suggested by T2,000,000
Lost Ships – Best Laid Plans (Self Released, 2018) – The guitars jangle check out opening track ‘Best Laid Plans’ sounds like McCarthy fronted by Steve Kilbey of The Church, nice sleeve too. (suggested by Ken Sweeney)
Caught in the Wake Forever / GlacisVersion and Delineation (Crow Versus Crow, 2018) – Well, have had some great releases this past few months but this one is an absolute stunner – cracked heartbreak and glitching fragility that aren’t so much created as exposed (suggested by We Need No Swords)
Bitter Fictions – Jettison (Shaking Box Music, 2016) – More Halloween suggestions.. this one an eerily beautiful and languid dream-like journey into inner space by who will be contributing some hopefully similarly haunting guitar and tape work to the forthcoming KBD quadruple album (suggested by Kyle Bobby Dunn)
The Left Outsides – Out of Time, Out of Place (Dawn Bird,  2015) – spooky video made by Will Bourton
O Yuki Conjugate – Long Pig (Multimood Records / Projekt, 1991) – soundtrack for the little trick-or-treaters (suggested by vmdTM)
Polvo – Stinger (Five Wigs) (Merge Records / Touch & Go, 1993) – suggested by Zona Zanjeros
White Fence – Is Growing Faith (Woodsist, 2011) – suggested by Frater Mescalito
Nilfisk, SL – Live in a Lava Cave (mf/mp, 2018) – mf/mp is a New Zealand based imprint dedicated to producers of marginal, peripheral, or otherwise experimental electronic music (suggested by The Doll)
Analogue Electronic Whatever – Mickey’s on Drugs (Beetawave Records, 2018) – suggested by Tracy’s EOP
Kay Hill & Kevin Sanders – Intellect / Treason (Hairdryer Excommunication, 2015 / KIKS/Girlfriend, 2018) – Two sides of crumbled tape and dictaphone, synth ambiences. Entrenched drones, field recordings and found instruments. Very rough and ready but detailed and fascinating (suggested by Grey Frequency)
Punk Blood – Punk Blood EP (This is it Forever, 2016) – Great EP guaranteed to cheer up anyone’s morn (suggested by John Bittles)
Elkhorn – Live Fish (Reverb Worship, 2018) – These are out-of-this-world great jams (suggested by Eric PH)
Patois Counselors – Proper Release LP (Ever/Never, 2018) – Such an overlooked and great band (suggested by Nick Sakes)
Maninkari – L’océan rêve dans sa loisiveté – First session (Three Four Records, 2014) – suggested by Eeem
Dreamcrusher – Grudge2 (Corpus, 2018) – suggested by Opal Tapes
Star Horse – Albatross (Self Released, 2018) – suggested by Indoor Voices
Fadoul – Bsslama Habiti (Habibi Funk, 2017) – Arabian Funk – Maroc (suggested by Franco Formica)
MAbH – Cinjusti 2018 Second Edition (Tymbal Tapes, 2018) – “ambient record of the year” pick by Dead Definition

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