Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 3
Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 3

Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 3

Taking a look at our posts from December – one last time! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Pt. 3 – featuring EL Muelle Records, Peer Hat, Chicago Community Jail Support, Firmament Tapes

Pt. 4 – The Caterwaul Society, Hominis Canidae, Leng Records, Kafadan Kontak

Guest Mixes

Captivity Scene $3 (Holidayze Edition)  – via Matt DeMello. Featuring John Fahey, Ergo Phizmiz, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, R. Stevie Moore, Bob Dylan, Big Star, Judy Garland, Sufjan Stevens and more.

Hot Jamz 2020 – via Terms. Featuring Horse Torso, Luke Stewart, Dropdead, Cheer-Accident, Patrick Shiroishi and more.

Video Premieres / Song Premieres

Cheer-Accident – Weather Report/Shaft/Salvation Army Salad/InnTrialTaint

Leaving Richmond – Adherence

Terms – BBQ: an excerpt of “The Cinematographer’s Silver Band”


Report Card #3 for our Skyjelly/Solilians Split – talking about all the reviews and radio/podcast plays for our most recent physical release!

Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise – Ep. 4 – our very own radio show, broadcasting via CAMP (France)! Episode 4 features music by Disco Sam, Albert DeMuth, Leah Callahan (Betwixt / Turkish Delight), Harold Budd/Brian Eno, Happy Dagger, Dead Leaf Echo and more.


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