Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 1
Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 1

Blog Summary – December 2020: Pt. 1

Talking about old music, new music and all kinds of music that is in between those two! Discover even more new sounds and playlists via our archives.

Guest Mixes

Allister Thompson aka Gateless Gate – no industry scrubs in this one! Featuring Binaural Space, Forest Robots, Cary Grace, Memory Mask, Brusalan, Solilians, Make-Believe Machines and more.

Fighter Jets – second and (to date) last monthly mix this LA duo made (hopefully not the last one altogether!). Featuring The Midnight, Betamaxx & Primo The Alien, Still Corners, Mac Quayle, Trevor Something, The Warhorse and more.

New Music Releases

Pt. 1 – featuring Dear Life Records, Simon Scott (Slowdive), International Anthem, Nicolas Tourney, Neal Casal, Sylvie Walder + irr. app. (ext.), Yasu Ether aka Mount Shrine and more.

Pt. 2 – featuring Frank Pahl, Powernerd, Jason Calhoun, Fermented Brain, Heyst, Ashot Danielyan, Salvatore Mercatante and more.

Listening Room / Music Recommendations

Pt. 1 – Tag Cloud, The Flaming Lips, Kassa Overall, Scratch Acid, Ralph Towner, Fennesz, Kyle Forester, Aquiles Navarro / Tcheser Holmes and more.

Pt. 2 – Featuring Sarah Davachi, VOWWS, Curse of the Birthmark, Alex Rainer, Fred Frith, Jim White / Marisa Anderson, Expo 70 / Plankton Wat and more.


Mute City – Wooden Sword (via Electric Djinn)

A good indicator for me that I like music is if I would take a long drive and not feel annoyed listening to it.

This is how Mute City’s new album Wooden Sword is for me, A long Lynchian, desert drive with a kind of retro-futuristic music playing in the cassette player.

Hotel Neon – Moments (via Steve Hadfield)

The day Hotel Neon released ‘Moments’, our toddler fell asleep on me at bedtime and then cried when I tried to put her down in bed. The cycle repeated for 40 minutes before she fully woke, distraught, and we went downstairs to reset. She was irrepressibly charming and I was annoyed and tired and charmed but also annoyed at myself for not fully appreciating her charm all at once.


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