Listen: Hot Jamz 2020 // Guest Mix by Terms
Listen: Hot Jamz 2020 // Guest Mix by Terms

Listen: Hot Jamz 2020 // Guest Mix by Terms

Super Hot Jams 2020

An entire platter of hottest jams from Terms, a duo of Danny Piechocki (Jitters) and Chris Trull (ex-Yowie, ex-Grand Ulena, Darling Little Jackhammer). Think improv jazz, noise rock and plenty of sheer unadulterated and indescribable insanity.

Speaking of sheer insanity…check out our premiere of the video BBQ: an excerpt of “The Cinematographer’s Silver Band”. And if that tickles your fancy, you should head over to Skin Graft Records and grab a copy of Asbestos Mouth, Terms latest.


Nape Neck – Job Club (from Nape Neck)
Horse Torso – JerrySpringerSpanielDayLewis (from MIKROPIANIST)
Kuzu – To The Quick (excerpt) (from Purple Dark Opal) (Aerophonic Records / Catalytic Sound)
Wyxz – Yesterday’s Ormatone (from Odyx) (Tzadik)
Blake Fleming – Drum Killah (from ‘Drum Killah’)
Happy Place – Having, Climbing (from Tendrils)
Luke Stewart – Awakening The Masters (from ‘Exposure Quartet’)
Dropdead – Nothing Remains (from ‘Dropdead 2020’)
Patrick Shiroishi – Grandchildren Of The Camps (from ‘Descension’)
Pak Yan Lau & Darin Gray – Suspended Thoughts (from ‘Trudge Lightly’)
Arnold Dreyblatt – Star Trap (from ‘Star Trap’)
Cheer-Accident – Weather Report (from ‘Fringements 01’)
Bloar – Bristow (from ‘Another Candy Bar From G.I. Joe’)
Brendan Randall-Myers & Dither – Dynamics Of Vanishing Bodies: Phantom Rhythms (with Singing) (from Dynamics Of Vanishing Bodies)


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