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Cheer Accident Fringement One

Cheer-Accident…a name I haven’t heard in some time. According to Wiki, however, the band is as active as ever, 4 decades in and if the tracks presented here are any indication they got 30 more years of creative madness ahead.

Thimme Jones Cheer Accident Notes

As per Thimme Jones notes above, Weather Report sounds like a lo-fi version of its namesake with positively Halloween-y organ occupying much of the sonic space. Next is a cover of Shaft with a croaking ghost of Captain Beefheart on vox. Salvation Army Salad is all brass, somewhat reminiscent of Waits’ In the Neighborhood (if that song was entirely instrumental and less melancholic).

Rounding things out is InnTrialTaint which starts out with what well be a cover of Weather Report given the interplay between piano, wailing synths and intricate drumming – the “Taint” part of the equation coming in later. Yes indeed, second part of the song is a cover of “Tainted Love” – thoroughly deconstructed cover at that, the bizarre guitar tunings/glitches and all.

Fringements One is out now on Skin Graft Records

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