Listen: Captivity Scene $3 (Holidayze Edition) / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello
Listen: Captivity Scene $3 (Holidayze Edition) / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello

Listen: Captivity Scene $3 (Holidayze Edition) / Guest Mix by Matt DeMello

A lifelong veteran of Providence, Rhode Island’s burgeoning art-pop scene, Matt DeMello escaped his New England home turf earlier this decade, landing at the physical and spiritual midway point between Woodstock and Brooklyn.

His debut solo album, 2014’s There’s No Place Like Nowhere shortly followed. Embracing synth pop orchestras a la Soft Bulletin era Flaming Lips and the broken-hearted piano odes of Antony & The Johnsons, DeMello’s debut documented one man’s reaction to the contemporary landscape or as he puts it, “theme music for someone at a party who feels so utterly alone.” – WithGuitars

Have a sentimental place in my heart for Christmas Eve Eve, when all the We-Just-Got-Back-From-Semester local shows were really kicking every year back when…

3rd installment in Captivity Scene series of mixes created by Matt DeMello – an inner-ear drum secret filmmaker since 2002 and a band that barely puts up with him. Read our quarantine interview with Matt and/or head over to his Bandcamp.


O Come, O Come Emmanuel – Sufjan Stevens 00:00
Welcome Christmas – ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ Original Cast Recording 03:58
I’m Staying Here for Christmas – Mesita 07:22
Irish Catholic Christmas Carol – Thomas Keith 10:43
Jesus, Born on this Day – Mariah Carrey 16:30
Christmas Must Be Tonight – The Band 20:10
CANTARRES DE NAVIDAD – Trio Vegabajeño 23:09
Angels From the Realms of Glory – John Fahey 26:26
Who Is This Who Is Coming – Ergo Phizmiz 28:26
Christmas Waltz – Carpenters 37:28
When Winter Comes – Paul McCartney 39:41
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers – The Crystals 42:26
Star of Wonder – Sufjan Stevens 45:18
I Believe in Father Christmas – Emerson, Lake, & Palmer 52:26
Christmas in the Tenderloin – 1981 55:34
Songs of the Season – Soltero 58:06
I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Bob Dylan 61:05
Joy to the World – R. Stevie Moore 63:56
Christmas in Prison – John Prine 65:55
Jingle Bells – Barbara Streisand 69:51
Where the River Meets the Sea – John Denver & the Muppets 71:41
Little Saint Nick – The Beach Boys 74:19
Lumberjack Christmas / No One Can Save You From Christmas – Sufjan Stevens 76:23
Jesus Christ – Big Star 79:39
We Need a Little Christmas – ‘Mame’ Original Broadway Cast Recording 82:10
The Lord’s Bright Blessing – John Alexander Busi 85:10
Marshmallow World – Darlene Love 89:14
Christmas Will Break Your Heart – LCD Soundsystem 91:37
(Nobody Cares About) the Days After Christmas – Matt DeMello 95:54
Star of the East – Judy Garland 98:10
Midnight Celebration – Ocultulum 1:41:13
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Mariah Carey 1:44:00
Have Yourself a Very MIDI Christmas – N 6 4 1:45:16
White Popcorn – Ergo Phizmiz 1:49:03
(I Promise to Remember All Your) December Birthdays – Matt DeMello 1:47:08


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