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Terms Asbestos Mouth

My personal introduction to Terms started not with that band’s music, but a clip of a performance that Shane Parish posted of Danny Piechocki, the drumming half of the duo. I was beyond impressed, so when the news arrived about his new band putting out a record on Skin Graft, my curiosity was piqued.

The description says that Terms deal in dissonance, which is certainly true. The music is very jagged, dissonant and intricate – “BBQ”, the subject of our premiere, for instance, goes from prog to death metal (or is that grindcore?) in a matter of seconds, the chaos not letting off all the way until the end.

Perhaps the closest comparison I can come up for Terms/their music are labelmates Ruins/Kōenjihyakkei (both involving Tatsuya Yoshida, of course). If you’re familiar with Skin Graft catalog, you’ll feel right at home with all three, but…there’s something that other two are lacking, a crucial component one might say. And what would that be, you ask?


Yes, dogs – plenty of them in this little video/excerpt. Not only do you get to witness a live performance (or a simulation of such) and some crazy rhythms/drumming, but you also get to see a whole bunch of cute animals (along with Skin Graft logo). A deal like this won’t last forever….

Asbestos Mouth by Terms is out now on Skin Graft Records

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