Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 1
Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 1

Summer 2019 Sampler: Further Reading – Pt. 1

Summer Sampler Artwork
Its been only a few days since we released our latest sampler, but we already received enormous amount of support on it and for that we’re eternally grateful to our followers. To anyone that’s been spreading the word, buying a compilation or otherwise helping us to push it forward in some way, we’re saying

To those who haven’t heard the compilation yet – you can find it right here. This is a 4th overall compilation/sampler we put out so far this year (others being Winter 2019, (On the) Spectrum: Red and Spring 2019) and much like the rest its “pay what you want”, meaning that you’re free to not pay anything at all if you so desire (we won’t judge, we promise).

Now we’d like to talk a bit about the participants of the compilation. Many of them have contributed to our previous compilations or came up with guest mixes or were reviewed by us, so lets go through all those one artist at a time.

Whettman Chelmets

Listen to a guest mix that WC created for us in 2018. This one features tracks by Taxxess, Petridisch, Diamondstein / Sangam, Collections of Dead Souls and many others.
Watch a video for The Devil Doublecrossed You that we premiered last month.Visual part for this one was created by Joan Pope (Temple ov Saturn).
Read his post on the music of Missouri, a part of our Post-Independence Marathon series.


Renunciant, latest release from this Polish project, was reviewed by Sam Wade in August.


aka Scott Hudgins
In 2010 Scott contributed two tracks to the first volume of our Gone in 60 Seconds series with two tracks – Stracathro Hospital and Silences.

Steep Leans

aka Jeffrey Gray Somers
Naukeag, second LP from this one-man project out of Boston, was reviewed in August by Sam Wade.

Dub Not Pop / Dublock

Tracks by both artists were included on 2018 Label Mix by Romeda Records. Romeda was a British label that recently ceased its activities – much of its catalog is still online and we highly recommend going through it.

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