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Out now: Summer 2019 Sampler
Drumroll please!
Out now: Summer 2019 Sampler
Thank you, Sir Paul.
Our Summer Sampler is finally here in its 26 track glory! Its “pay what you want” with all the proceedings going back to artists, so give a dollar, give a two or just help spread the word, since every little bit counts.

Here’s who contributed this time around:

Whettman Chelmets (US)
Walt Thisney (Portugal)
Sawak (Poland)
Fighter Jets (US)
Tyresta (US)
Astral East (US)
Chra (Austria)
Dub Not Pop (UK)
Transpacifica (UK)
Steep Leans (US)
Dublock (UK)
Bleaeck (US)
We also highly recommend everyone to dive into our back catalog via Bandcamp, since we got plenty of other compilations/samplers and physical releases to offer! In the upcoming weeks we’ll talk more about the artists participating in our Summer, but for now enjoy and spread the word!

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Out now: Summer 2019 Sampler