Listen: Guest Mix by Whettman Chelmets

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Whettman-Chelmets Listen: Guest Mix by Whettman Chelmets

Joplin, Missouri-based musician Whettman Chelmets created a mix for us that is culled entirely from his Bandcamp collection. 30 cuts that demonstrate a wide range of his tastes – from ambient to experimental music (and yes, there’s even a track by our very own Petridisch hidden among all this juicy goodness).

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James A. McDermid – Rome, 1978

dans la matinée – danger.?????.1989

Dere Moans – madhat’s spicy beef

Diamondstein / Sangam – Diamondstein – The Praise Chorus

Radio Europa (Feat. Pulco)  – Answers

The Blank Holidays – Tumbler

The Hunted Hare – Year of Storms

The Modern Folk – Don’t Let My Heart Grow Cold

Alan Morse Davies – Halvmåneøya

Mayor of Donutville – Got Small and Fell in an Inkwell

Qoheleth – Uterine (by Territorial Pissants)

The Gateless Gate – The Becoming of Indescribable Change

The Eternal – A Blue Valentine

Veins Full of Static – Any of Us

Kelpalots – Hardcore

Regeneron Vertex – N6

Sibilla – White And Blue Flower

WAKE IN JUNE – Fine Time

The Reverse Engineer – Would that you were

t.r. hand – Krankenhaus für Mauerkrankheit

Collections Of Dead Souls – (Dreams) Remastered

Bleepeater – SVEDANYA

TAXXESS – Rings and Tests

Whettman Chelmets – We Danced as the Bombs Rained Overhead

Whettman Chelmets – Lashing Out at the Antithesis

Wayne Rex / Dave Jackson / Rich Goodson – Wasp Marrakech

Petridisch – 06

Twilight Fields – Song Undelivered: Farewell, Dreams of Youth

Coffee Faith – Jer Basuki Mawa Bea

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