Music Recommendations for September 2019: Pt. 1
Music Recommendations for September 2019: Pt. 1

Music Recommendations for September 2019: Pt. 1

New Music Recommendations

First round of listening recommendations for September from our followers!


Darcy Spidle – Atlantic Ocean Recordings 2019 (Self Released)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who paid to download this field recording collection. I just donated more than half of those funds to . The album will stay up, and if all goes well, I’ll get you a second volume by the end of the year.

Mark Charles Morgan – Department of Heraldry (Open Mouth)

Solo album by Mark of Sightings now on Bandcamp.

via Adam Grimord-Isham

Sean McCann – Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings (Root Strata)

i’m in love

Sean McCann – The Capital (Aguirre Records)

sean mccann’s bandcamp is severely under-appreciated

Sean McCann – Fountains (Roll Over Rover / Round Bale Recordings)

you can’t stop me

via Adam Badi Donoval

Allysen Callery – Sweet Golden Bee (Infinity Vine Records)

From IVY: home recordings compilation – also featuring Rob Noyes, Dark Sunny Land, Karen Zanes and more

Amnion – Dissolution (Bottle Imp Productions)

via Daniel Tuttle

Album of the Day 36:

Jackie Frank Russell III – I’m So Fucking Lonely

prog metal, electronica, avant-garde, freely available

Wildly idiosyncratic oddball personal project. Totally enthralling.

via AntiHipster ListeningClub

Sound Engraver – Sun-Kissed (Weatnu Records)

Top seller for the year, Sound Engraver makes psychoacoustic electronic ambient music. Get this album for just 4 dollars.

Control Top – One Good Day (Get Better Records)

If you like music at the blurry border between punk and post-punk, the new Control Top LP is really great. I think I’ve listened to it twenty times in the past few weeks. It’d go good on a mix tape with, say, Bikini Kill, Devo, Idles, and Naked Raygun.

via Nate Holdren

Liturgy – God of Love (Self Released)

Hell yes. New Liturgy.

This is enormously promising.

via Meatbreak

David J with Asia Argento & Anton Newcombe – Migena And The Frozen Roses (Glass Modern)

David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), who has spent the last 8 months touring the world with Peter Murphy on the Ruby Rising 40 Years Of Bauhaus Tour, releases a second digital only single from his forthcoming new solo album, this time featuring actress Asia Argento and Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre).

via WallyTBM

Swans – It’s Coming, It’s Real (Young God)

Love when Gira makes music like this

via Jay Babcock

Th’ Faith Healers – Delores (Too Pure)

via Andrea Feldman

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces That Fall to Earth (New Amsterdam)

The Pieces That Fall to Earth is the long-awaited CD from Brooklyn-based composer Christopher Cerrone and Wild Up, LA’s leading new music ensemble, to be released Friday, July 26.

Conducted by Wild Up’s Artistic Director, Christopher Rountree, The Pieces That Fall to Earth comprises three vocal cycles: the title work, with soprano Lindsay Kesselman; The Naomi Songs, sung by vocalist Theo Bleckmann; and The Branch Will Not Break, with a chorus of eight singers. The album was recorded and produced by Nick Tipp.

Kemper Norton – Brunton Calciner (Self Released)

The “Brunton Calciner” was one method used in ore processing to roast and refine the waste products from mining to create arsenic.The remains of these devices can still be seen in the landscape.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century the vast majority of the world’s arsenic was created in Cornwall and Devon.

via Mark Chickenfish

Suss – High Line (Northern Spy Records)

High Line represents a new path into the high country for the NYC ambient country quintet known as SUSS. The follow-up release to their acclaimed album Ghost Box (Expanded) on Northern Spy Records, High Line explores the horizon line where the cosmic meets the landscape of the American West. Drawing on influences such as Ry Cooder and Bruce Langhorne while forging new paths alongside fellow travelers like Daniel Lanois and Boards of Canada, SUSS uses a combination of acoustic guitars, pedal steel, harmonica, mandolin and synthesized sound manipulation to take the listener on a blissful and mythic trip into the unknown.

fIREHOSE — Sometimes, Almost Always EP (SST Records)

via Sean Caldwell

50 Foot Wave – Bone China (4AD / Throwing Music)

via David John Roden

The Tiger Lillies – Send in the Clowns (Misery Guts Music / Red Moon)

via Transpacifika

Francesco Giannico – Les Mondes Imaginaires (Time Released Sound)

This is an exceedingly lovely and evocative, field recording infused aural journey through the Italian countryside, as is portrayed in the manipulated photographs used in the packaging that were taken by the musician during an outdoor workshop that he was involved in. This time Francesco utilizes more real instrumentation, and the piano, guitars and ethereal vocals, blended with delicately refined electronic nuances create an overtly organic feel to the album in general. The melodic, melancholy and pastoral mood he sets here will have you wishing you were there yourself… wandering in the fields…over the hills…and as night falls, out under the star spattered Italian skies.

via Eeem

i feel old fashioned when we fuck in the dark
like the pilgrims used to do

Bobby Conn – When The Money’s Gone (Thrill Jockey)

via rise804

Tomahawk – Sir Yes Sir (Ipecac Recordings)

via Mrrin213

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