Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Romeda Records
Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Romeda Records

Around 2018 in 12 Weeks: Label Mix by Romeda Records

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Next up in our series of retrospective label mixes is Romeda Records! This British label was set up by in 2014 by Dave Lavery (aka Glitchfield Plaines) is still going strong 5 years later – and to celebrate the occasion Dave put together this nice mix of choice cuts from the label’s 2018 catalog!
We also highly recommend reading an interview that Dave did with RealSoundsOK few years ago.



1. Pete Prescription – Last of the Funeral Vodka (taken from Tea Rooms Of Occult Nomenclature)
2. Terror Venables – Rudeboy (taken from The Three Faces Of Terror)
3. Frissk – Frissk Pete (taken from Frissk City)
4. Third Reel – Goblin (taken from The Hidden One)
5. Dub Not Pop – 50 Bus Dub ver1 (taken from Explosive)
6. Aptoms – Golden Guinea (taken from Hepman Platofv & The Subjugation Of The Cossack Race)
7. Ambrose Chappel & iKashflo – Community Service (taken from Community Service)
8. Dublock – The Friar’s Heel (taken from The Old Straight Track)
9. Owlbinos Of Northfield – Inmates Sad (taken from Verses Records & Romeda Records Present VR)
10. Glitchfield – Basilisk (as yet unreleased)
11. Kanal Drei – Movement 4 (taken from Conducting)

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